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Interface IContentTypeModelRegistrator

Component that will register a list of content type models

Namespace: EPiServer.DataAbstraction.RuntimeModel
Assembly: EPiServer.dll
Version: 11.20.7
public interface IContentTypeModelRegistrator


RegisterTypes(IEnumerable<ContentTypeModel>, Boolean, Boolean)

Analyzes all models and registers the content types and their property definitions.

void RegisterTypes(IEnumerable<ContentTypeModel> typeModels, bool deleteUnusedContentTypes, bool deleteUnusedPropertyDefinitions)
Type Name Description
System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<ContentTypeModel> typeModels

List of all content type models that should be registered.

System.Boolean deleteUnusedContentTypes

If set to true any content types that are no longer used are deleted.

System.Boolean deleteUnusedPropertyDefinitions

If set to true any property definitions on that are no longer used are removed from the content type.

Extension Methods