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Interface ITemplateControlLoader

Responsible for loading a System.Web.UI.Control for an object instance if such a template exist.

Namespace: EPiServer.Web
Assembly: EPiServer.Cms.AspNet.dll
Version: 11.20.7
public interface ITemplateControlLoader


LoadControl(HttpContextBase, Type, Object, TemplateControl, String, IDictionary<String, Object>, Action<Control, Object>)

Loads the template control that is associated with the provided content item.

Control LoadControl(HttpContextBase httpContext, Type renderType, object renderData, TemplateControl templateControl, string tag, IDictionary<string, object> renderSettings, Action<Control, object> bindDataAction)
Type Name Description
System.Web.HttpContextBase httpContext

The HTTP context.

System.Type renderType

Type of the render.

System.Object renderData

The render data.

System.Web.UI.TemplateControl templateControl

The template control used to load any user controls with.

System.String tag

The tag.

System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary<System.String, System.Object> renderSettings

The render settings.

System.Action<System.Web.UI.Control, System.Object> bindDataAction

Delegate called after control creation where data can be bound to control

Type Description

A new template control instance or null if no template existed.

Extension Methods