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Installation Instructions - Episerver Social Reach

This document describes how to install the Episerver Social Reach on your machine and how to set up the website. This document covers both the installation instructions using the Episerver Deployment Center and configuration settings. 

For more information about how to set up channels and send messages, see Episerver Social Reach User Guide.

Table of Contents


The following prerequisite exists for EPiServer Social Reach:

  • A website with EPiServer CMS 6 R2 with a valid license installed.

Downloading and Running the Installation Package

Download and run the installation package for EPiServer Social Reach as follows:

  1. Download the EPiServer Social Reach installation package  (login access required).
  2. Open EPiServer Deployment Center (Start > Programs > EPiServer > Quick Links).
  3. Select Install a Module from a Compressed File, and select the installation package you have downloaded and click Run
  4. Select the website you want to install it to. Follow the installation wizard.

Installation Content of EPiServer Social Reach

EPiServer Social Reach contains the following:

  • Files. The installed files are located under Modules/Social.
  • Virtual roles. The virtual roles SocialEditors and SocialAdmins are included in the default configuration. You can change the access rights as described in Changing Default Access Rights.
  • Providers. The social channels are created based on a provider model. Available example providers are Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. The shortening service is also based on a provider model. The available shortening service provider is Providers are registered in web.config with a default configuration to use EPiServer's accounts as follows:
        <provider name="Twitter" 
                  type="EPiServer.Social.Providers.TwitterProvider, EPiServer.Social.Providers" />
        <provider name="LinkedIn" 
                  type="EPiServer.Social.Providers.LinkedInProvider, EPiServer.Social.Providers" />
        <provider name="Facebook" 
                  type="EPiServer.Social.Providers.FacebookProvider, EPiServer.Social.Providers" />
        <provider name="Bitly" 
                  type="EPiServer.Social.Providers.Bitly, EPiServer.Social.Providers" />

Changing Default Access Rights

You can change which roles that have access to the different views in EPiServer Social Reach by using the virtual roles SocialEditors and SocialAdmins through the <location> section in episerverframework.config and web.config for the following elements:

<locatation path="/modules/EPiServer.Social">


<location path="/modules/EPiServer.Social/Settings"> 

For more information about the news about EPiServer Social Reach and its content, please refer to the article Launch of EPiServer Social Reach.