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Fixed issues EPiServer Commerce 1 R2 SP2

Fixed issues since build 377.1 (EPiserver Commerce 1 R2 SP1)

Commerce Manager (General)f

Fix: Login screen has outdated browser requirements label
Fix: Validate Line Items activity has performance problems with a large catalog
Fix: Commerce Manager timeout is not configurable (now configurable via web.config)
Fix: "Search Help" button in Console Manager widget not localizing properly
Fix: Many regular expression validators are incorrect or do not support international characters
Fix: About > Feedback links to, which is no longer actively used


Fix: Missing Scroll Bar on Dashboard Home page with Firefox

Content Management

Fix: Menu tool tip not working
Fix: Publishing workflow not working as documented
Fix: SEO URL must be the same for all languages in order for front-end language drop-down to work

Customer Management

Fix: User assigned with only Asset Manager permission has ability to create and edit Business Foundation
Fix: Asset Administration Viewer permission does not work
Fix: Missing content management permissions
Fix: Scrollbar does not appear when attempting to add addresses for customers and organizations in Firefox
Fix: A user that has a role with all permissions enabled is unable to access the front-end CMS. Only a user with the default Admin role can access the front-end CMS
Fix: Cannot Search for Email from default contact list view (contact email address column now shows on Contact List page)
Fix: Creating a new customer address not use the appSettings.config setting for DefaultCountryCode

Catalog Management

Fix: Duplicate error when creating a new Category/Node
Fix: No error message is displayed when the Available time for a product is later than the Expire time
Fix: Assets drop-down list is still displayed when navigating to another tab in Firefox 4.x
Fix: Error when deleting catalog nodes
Fix: Canceling the deletion of items in an association results in an error
Fix: Getting a blank list when trying to add assets to a new catalog node after have added an asset
Fix: Javascript error when searching with ' character in Catalog Entry Search field
Fix: The quantity value of "In Stock" goes below the specific number that was set in Reserved in Pricing/Inventory tab
Fix: Pricing/Inventory - Inventory Status is disabled and Allow Backorder = No but the count for Backorder still decreases after the In Stock count reaches its limit
Fix: Linking a catalog entry to a new catalog node is not updated by Build Index and Quartz service
Fix: Information is cached when editing sale price in Pricing/Inventory tab
Fix: Saved association data is not loaded when editing
Fix: CatalogEntrySearch dialog does not properly filter class type due to inconsistent handling of case sensitivity
Fix: Cannot add a bundle to an order
Fix: Cannot add a dynamic package to an order (by design, it is not possible to add a dynamic package to an order via Commerce Manager. This is functionality that must be extended to the front-end for the customer to customize.)
Fix: CSV Import cannot ignore non-null-able user meta fields for updates
Fix: When a metafield is added to a metaclass after a CSV import mapping configuration has already been created, the new metafield will be treated as if it had a "set to null or default" rule
Fix: Some entries imported via CSV do not appear in search results in New Line Item dialog, Catalog Entry Search, or Front End
Fix: Validation error messages are displayed twice when creating entries
Fix: URL of catalog entry defaults to page title if no SEO title is present

Order Management

New: New line item modal pop-ups now show discount totals on the fly
New: Line item grids showing extra columns (Discount totals and detailed discount descriptions) in Order, Shopping Cart, Exchange, and Payment Plan screens
Fix: "Order #" and "Site Name" field does not get populated for payment plans in the Summary tab after creating Payment Plan in Commerce Manager
Fix: Can create shopping carts from Commerce Manager, a feature re-added into 5.2
Fix: Lack of redundancy of warning messages if two users edit an order at the same time
Fix: "State" field required when editing a USA address when creating a new order
Fix: Error message when clicking on Send Notification
Fix: Address drop-down icon hidden in the New Order form and New Exchange Order form
Fix: Extra Zeros after decimal point in payment amounts
Fix: Payment Price incorrect format in SW UI order edit
Fix: Cannot add a package to an order
Fix: After deleting the shipment in order edit it displays a null row
Fix: Status of order does not change to cancel correctly after canceling all shipments within an order
Fix: Line item delete from order details fails to update page
Fix: Missing icon for "Create New Purchase Order" button in the Payment Plan details page
Fix: When adding line item to an order, it is possible to set value-based discount higher than placed price
Fix: Total is wrong when line item has quantity greater than 1 and discount value greater than the placed price
Fix: Total value not updated when line item edited in Create/Edit Return screen
Fix: Total price is wrong in Return modal pop-up if a promotion is applied
Fix: Exception when changing billing address in Commerce Manager after deleting product in order in catalog
Fix: Cannot edit or delete a note in an Order or Payment Plan
Fix: Blank note created when creating first purchase order from within Payment Plan detail page
Fix: Total does not go back to zero when an a single item is added to a return and then removed from within the Create/Edit Return screen.
Fix: Cannot save return after editing "return reason" field
Fix: Shipping costs of a payment plan is calculated incorrectly
Fix: Javascript exception while deleting item if clicked on "Recalculate" button before deletion when creating a new order in Commerce Manager
Fix: Incorrect shipment number when moving items to another shipment
Fix: Javascript errors when creating or editing promotions
Fix: Purchase orders do not order by Status
Fix: Order search results holds a foreign key that prevents order deletion
Fix: Cannot edit shopping cart from Commerce Manager
Fix: List order of "This Week" within Purchase Orders in Commerce Manager takes into account the current time (i.e. orders that should not appear in the This Week filter actually appear)
Fix: The State and Address Line 2 field when creating an order from Commerce Manager is required and not optional
Fix: Currency amount defaults to four decimal places instead of two
Fix: Line Item Edit has no scrollbar when having a lot of meta fields
Fix: Cannot override PO number and Parent ID when creating an order from Commerce Manager
Fix: Cannot search by email from drop-down when selecting customer as user is creating a new order
Fix: Empty return with $0 return total can be created
Fix: "Last Modified" field when editing Purchase Orders is never updated
Fix: Adding new line item to a shipment saves the placed price for list price as well
Fix: Edit Line Item displays ListPrice instead of PlacedPrice
Fix: Custom meta fields on line items are not saved when adding new line items to an existing order
Fix: When creating a new order in Commerce Manager, entering a non-numerical character in Parent Order ID Extended Attributes and clicking OK breaks the page
Fix: Under the Total column of a Returned Item under the Returns tab in Order Edit, there are extra zeroes after the decimal point
Fix: Confusing labels in order summary tab
Fix: New entry dialog box has misspelling "Catalog EntrySearch Dialog"
Fix: Edit line item modal pop-ups not matching modal pop-ups when adding a line item to an order (i.e. no ability to set a percentage discount in the old version of the edit line item modal pop-ups)
Fix: After creating a new order in Commerce Manager, Returns tab renders incorrectly when order goes into Edit Mode after adding a payment
Fix: Occasional "Out of Memory" exception errors when creating a new order in Commerce Manager
Fix: When crediting a return, the default value shows extra trailing zeros
Fix: Issues when completing a shipment
Fix: Issue with changing quantity when adding new line item to an order in Commerce Manager
Fix: Edit Line Item screen in line items within a shipment does not let you set percentage discount nor allow you to change the placed price
Fix: When adding line items to an order or an Exchange order, it is not possible to edit the line item after wards
Fix: Create return form uses list price in its calculations and displays insufficient data
Fix: Shopping cart to Purchase Order conversion issues
Fix: Note button under Notes tab labeled "New Item" instead of "New Note" in Payment Plan screen
Fix: "Edit Information" button issues in Order/Payment Plan/Shopping Cart pages in Commerce Manager
Fix: Return data miscalculations and wrong totals
Fix: Duplicate addresses appear in drop-down in Exchange order modal pop-up
Fix: Issue with returning items with multiple quantities split into separate shipments
Fix: Relabeled Meta Data section in Summary tab
Fix: Deleting all return reasons in Administration and then attempting to return an item results in object server error
Fix: Meta field is not cleared when switching between payment type
Fix: Lack and redundancy of warning message if two users edit an order at the same time
Fix: Label changed for "Edit Meta Data" under Summary tab in Order Edit
Fix: Issues surrounding taxes, orders, and returns
Fix: Payment Plans: Extra trailing zeros in amount value after adding payment and saving
Fix: When creating an order from Commerce Manager, expiration date in Extended Attributes is not left blank by default


New: Enhanced catalog entry search dialog box for certain promotions (additional filters and paging options)
Fix: Campaign List/Promotion List column labeled "Created Before" where it used to be "Created"
Fix: "Order Sub Total Volume Discount" works incorrectly when combined with other promotions
Fix: "Or" promotion condition issues
Fix: Redemption value is calculated incorrectly when using "Order: Build Your Own Discount" promotion type
Fix: Promotion name is displayed incorrectly when certain special characters are entered and saved.
Fix: Entry search dialog issues when using certain promotions that require a user to select variations for conditions
Fix: Rounding errors when using "Order Sub Total Volume Discount" promotion
Fix: Marketing Expressions grid view shows unlocalized strings; column "name" does not reflect the name of the promotion the expression is tied to
Fix: Order promotion, "Build your own discount" view doesn't show what is really saved when session is lost
Fix: Shipping promotion issues
Fix: A Promotion remains on a cart item despite changing the "display price" (ListPrice). PlacedPrice And ExtendedPrice are not updated.
Fix: Discount Name not shown on sample site when Promotion Display Name is not populated
Fix: Select Catalog Entries Pop-up does not display catalog entries correctly
Fix: Select Catalog Entries dialog box returns unsorted catalog entries
Fix: Deleting all campaigns (Including Default "Digital Cameras" campaign) causes the New Campaign button to disappear
Fix: Shipping Promotions revert back to pre-promo totals when order released to shipment
Fix: Promotion List does not work right after changing sort order and selecting multiple entries using "Flip status" or "Delete"
Fix: Validation errors when creating promotions
Fix: It is possible to set a promotion condition value to less than one
Fix: HTML allowed in promotion name field, causing errors
Fix: Schedule time for promotion does not work, as expiration time can be set before available time

Asset Management

Fix: Fileuploader fails on filenames containing special characters
Fix: Possible to include HTML tags into Folder name field
Fix: Case sensitivity not checked when naming folders (e.g. can have two separate folders named images and IMAGES)
Fix: Paging issue where if page size is set to 20, and there are more than 20 folders and files, no folders or files appear beyond page 1.
Fix: Special characters in folder names caused a wrong icon to display. Special characters no longer allowed when creating folder names.
Fix: Assets and associations broken in Chrome
Fix: Cannot add an asset that is of a different type but the same ID


Fix: Server error when accessing Sales Report and Shipping Report after upgrade
Fix: Inconsistent naming of shipping methods in shipping reports
Fix: Items Ordered/Invoiced Column Under Sales Report Including Return Data of an Order
Fix: Sales report showing exchange orders
Fix: Best Sellers Report includes return and exchange data


Fix: Values for string dictionary property show wrong data
Fix: Unable to cast object of type exception when using Commerce Manager in .Net Framework 4.0
Workaround: Order Meta Fields from 5.0 do not display in 5.2 (workaround documented)
Fix: Meta Field data types are not localized
Fix: No friendly warning message when entering invalid text into a return reason
Fix: Cannot delete data for a new Business Object
Fix: Duplicate error message displayed when creating a new payment
Fix: No confirmation dialog displayed when using "X" icon to delete a Currencies
Fix: Cannot delete countries
Fix: Incorrect error message when registering templates
Fix: Missing notification to help guide user when entering data for certain publish Business Foundation objects
Fix: The Metafield create/edit control allows search attributes to be set when creating a datetime type field, but does not allow to be changed on edit
Fix: The MetaField control does not save all search index properties on creating a new metafield
Fix: Meta field ImageFile auto resize does not resize to specification
Fix: The metadata backup may include multiple copies of metaclasses and metafields, and does not serialize in a predictable order
Fix: Catalog Search Entry defaults to US English no matter if you change Administration > Common Settings to default to another language
Fix: Cannot delete English/German/Spanish languages
Fix: Attempting to delete Page Workflow results in error message
Fix: Cannot delete countries
Fix: Errors when deleting catalog/order meta classes
Fix: Unable to add more meta fields to a meta class after total characters of meta fields reaches over 4000
Fix: Issues with range of integer(meta field)

Public Site

Fix: Layout issues in various browsers
Fix: When creating an order from the public site, the shipping method changes from "Fixed Shipping method" to "Online Download" in Commerce Manager
Fix: Wrong price shown for a line item when currency changed on the front-end
Fix: Server Error when adding a product with related item to a wish list
Fix: When changing currency on the site, the message is incorrect in the shopping cart
Fix: Cross-site scripting bug causing possibility of script injections
Fix: Total on order confirmation and order detail are wrong when you have a shipment promotion applied (Front and back-end now have line, order, and shipping promotions separately labeled for less confusion)
Fix: Discount errors/confusion in shopping cart and Place Order page
Fix: Coupon Code in commerce manager accepts special character but not in public site (Validators are in place that only allow for letters, numbers, -, _, and spaces)

Search and Quartz

Fix: Solr search provider forces _appname and code to non-indexable
Fix: Memory leak in catalog change logging
Fix: Solr search provider does not work when configured with shared cores and an application name containing Lucene query special characters
Fix: Lucene and SOLR _content fields are populated differently
Fix: Lucene Provider optimizes the index on all closes, hurting indexing performance
Fix: Catalog indexing with multi-application error: "Build Failed using "catalog" indexer. A child row has multiple parents"
Fix: Building search indexes may result in an a "request is not available in this context" error
Fix: New solr provider does not properly configure sale price and display name fields
Fix: The "code" field is not included in the default content search in new Solr provider
Fix: Cannot create a CustomerContact from a scheduled job
Fix: Index Build does not update a catalog entry when its availability has been set yes or no

Package, Installation, Upgrades, and Configuration

Fix: Reference to metadata update script from main update script has the wrong path
Fix: Error in ecf_ShippingMethod_GetCases store procedure (adversely effected Weight/Jurisdiction gateways)
Fix: Catalog indexes do not build correctly when adding another application to ECF
Fix: FormStyle.css has a random extra } character causing warnings


Fix: Discount collection in calculate discounts activity does not properly set all properties
Fix: Altering meta classes removes constraints on user tables but does not add them back
Fix: The weight column used to sort the results of the mdpsp_sys_LoadMetaFieldListByMetaClassId does nothing to enforce key fields being returned first, and the application expect SystemMetaField[0] to be a key column. If the result do not come back in the correct order, the application will fail.


Fix: MetaAttributeCollection.Remove throws an exception
Fix: Security penetration vulnerabilities
Fix: Not able to use Mediachase CatalogWebService to import commerce products
Fix: Issues with case sensitive class types
Fix: PictureTemplate control used in the CatalogEntrySearchDialog may not display the correct thumbnail
Fix: SearchParameters.SqlWhereClause and .MetaWhereClause are likely sql injection attack vectors