Project Mode: Overview


Apr 22, 2015


Oct 28, 2015


Falcon/CMS/Edit UI/Projects


Closed, Acceptance tests pass


Additional support for the project mode feature. It includes a new project overview where it is possible to examine which content items that are part of a project and to control publishing of these items. The overview is accessible from the project bar.


It also includes changes to how publishing is managed for projects. In the project gadget, all items had to be set in "ready for publish" state before the project publishing was enabled. Now, as soon as there are any items ready for publish they can be published or scheduled for publishing. Also, the project itself is not locked after publishing, but can be continuously used for publishing collections of items.


To enable project mode for an entire site, go to admin view and select the Enable Projects option under Config > System Settings > Editing.


This feature is currently in beta, meaning that users need to be in the EPiBetaUsers group in order to use the new feature.