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Site is very slow after approving change with comment

Found in

EPiServer.ChangeApproval 1.1.0

Fixed in

EPiServer.ChangeApproval 1.1.0

(Or a related package)


Aug 13, 2018


Aug 17, 2018


Closed, Fixed and tested


Note: The bug only happens on the daily site if the Change Approval package is installed.

Precondition: User A is an approver of the content.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a content item.
  2. Define an approver for the content and require the comment for approving or declining.
  3. User A sets content to review.
  4. User A approves the content with a comment.
  5. Open the Notification list.
  6. Click on any notification or on the tree page.
  7. Select another content item.

Should navigate to the selected content.

Nothing happens, or you have to wait for a long time.