Import/export refinements

Fixed in

EPiServer.CMS.UI 10.2.0


Jul 19, 2016


Jan 07, 2022


CMS Core


Closed, Acceptance tests pass


  • A new option "Include sub items" allows a user to to control if a hierarchy or not is being exported. Using this option in combination with "Update existing" during import makes it possible to update a single page, for example the start page, which normally has sub items.
  • Importing a package with assets now always merges folders with the same name instead of creating duplicate folders with the same name.
  • Importing a package where duplicates of content are created: the new content name and URL are suffixed with the same number. Previously, only the URL would get a suffix.
  • When selecting a category to export in the admin view, all sub categories are automatically selected.
  • A new option for selecting language on import makes it possible to extract a single language from an export package. Supports both applying a single language on existing content as well as creating a new language (even though the content might not have been master language on the source).
  • Possible to export and import asset folders.
  • A new supporting tool "Manage Content" allows an administrator to delete content that might not be accessible from edit mode. Also, it has shortcuts to go directly to edit mode and change access rights.