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EPiServer.Amazon: SQS queues are not removed on abnormal termination (CMS 7-8)

Fixed in


(Or a related package)


Feb 17, 2017


Apr 04, 2017


CMS Core


Closed, Fixed and tested


Whenever an abnormal termination of IIS/VM is done and a new server is spawned, the previous queue connected to the old machine is not cleaned up. The removal of queues is done on uninitialization events in IIS.

Queues are created with a new naming convention, queues using the old naming conventions are not cleaned up automatically. The new naming conventions starts with the name of topic, machine name and unique identifier. Message expiration is set to 2 hours by default.

This fix detects and cleans queues with the new naming convention. The cleanup timer runs 5-10 minutes after a startup and then every 30 minutes. The cleaning deletes queues in which the oldest message is at least 30 minutes.

This fix aligns the behavior of the Amazon provider with the Azure provider, which includes this as a built-in behavior.