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Add multisite support for the "Export to ODP" job in Commerce 13

Fixed in

EPiServer.Commerce 13.37.0

(Or a related package)


Oct 12, 2023


Jan 19, 2024


Closed, Acceptance tests pass


Added multisite support for the ODP export job in Commerce 13.

Configuration example:

<add key="episerver:odp.EndpointUrl.Alias1" value=" USEndpoint"/>
<add key="episerver:odp.AccessKey.Alias1" value=" USAccountKey"/>
<add key="episerver:odp.Catalogs.Alias1" value="Catalog1;Catalog2"/>
<add key="episerver:odp.MarketIds.Alias1" value="USEast; USWest " />

<add key="episerver:odp.EndpointUrl.Alias2" value=" EUEndpoint"/>
<add key="episerver:odp.AccessKey.Alias2" value=" EUAccountKey"/>

The Alias1/Alias2 segments only group settings and can be any string. The example above exports catalog/customer/order data to USAccountKey account available at the USEndpoint endpoint. Commerce only exports data from Catalog1 and Catalog2 and data associated with either the USEast or USWest markets. A second export runs the EUAccountKey account with some other Catalog/Market filter that the example does not reveal.