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Authentication failure occurs in Turkish language applications

Found in

EPiServer.Social.Framework 1.5.2

Fixed in

EPiServer.Social.Framework 1.5.4

(Or a related package)


Aug 08, 2019


Aug 16, 2019


Closed, Fixed


Steps To Reproduce

  1. Create a console application and add the Episerver Social comments NuGet package to the project.
  2. Define a filter to retrieve a page of comments from Episerver Social using the CommentService.
  3. Issue the request and notice that it returns successfully.
  4. Update the application to set the culture of the current thread to "tr-TR" prior to issuing the request to Episerver Social.
  5. An AuthenticationException occurs.


  • The request successfully authenticates and returns a page of comments.


  • An AuthenticationException occurs.