ContentDefinitions: Support list properties

Fixed in

EPiServer.ContentDeliveryApi 3.6.0


Sep 30, 2022


Dec 13, 2022


Closed, Acceptance tests pass


Optimizely Content Cloud added support for list properties (including for blocks). You can define list properties through ContentDefinitions API also.

To define a list property then dataType should be set to PropertyCollection and itemType to the type of items within the list. 

Example of a property definition to create of a list of blocks. Here the blockType given as itemType must be an existing blockType (or part of same manifest) within CMS.

   "name": "BlockList",                
   "dataType": "PropertyCollection",                
   "itemType": "InlineBlock"            

Or for example to define a list of Urls

  "name": "UrlList",                
  "dataType": "PropertyCollection",                
  "itemType": "PropertyUrl"