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Webtracking code only adds first connector script found

Fixed in

EPiServer.MarketingAutomationIntegration.Silverpop 4.0.2

EPiServer.MarketingAutomationIntegration.Marketo 4.0.1

(Or a related package)


Jul 31, 2018


Sep 04, 2018


Closed, Fixed and tested


Since there can be multiple connectors of each type, we need to add the script for each connector of the same type to pages. Currently, the code only adds the first one it finds of each type.

Steps to reproduce
1) Create an Alloy sample site.
2) Install the Silverpop connector and configure it.
3) Select a custom script and enter the text "Connector 1". This text will show up on every page.
4) Programmatically create a new instance of the Silverpop connector. Set the script text to be "Connector 2".
5) View a page.

Both custom scripts exist on the page.

Only a single copy of the text shows up.