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Cannot Re-Sync data after deleting list/view folder manually from CMS

Found in

Episerver.ConnectForSharePoint 2.1.1

Fixed in

EPiServer.ConnectForSharepoint 2.2.0

(Or a related package)


May 30, 2017


Jul 07, 2017


Closed, Fixed and tested


Steps to reproduce

1) Create a new EpiServer site.
2) Install the SharePoint connector and configure it to synchronize to a CMS folder.
3) Verify that data (folders and files) was created in CMS and matches what was in Sharepoint.
4) In CMS, delete the list/view folder.
5) Note the error regarding specific permissions being required. This error also shows up in the log file.
6) Note that the folder is not actually deleted, but all of its sub content is.
7) Attempt to delete the folder again. Note that

  • In some cases, CMS spins wildely and never returns.
  • Clicking refresh causes the view to be refreshed.
  • The folder is not gone.
    8) Run the Sharepoint job that updates the data and note that no data is updated. The view/list folder is not created.