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[InsightUI][Segment]: Returns wrong profiles with profile filter definition - space in param

Found in

EPiServer.Profiles.Client 1.14.0

Fixed in

EPiServer.Profiles.Client 1.24.0


Mar 11, 2020


Mar 22, 2021


Closed, Fixed and tested



There is a profile filter definition which has at least one param in the query, like this one:

            "Id": "fd_PDF_Name_eq",
            "Name": "PDF_Name_eq",
            "Description": "Name equal inputValue",
            "Query": "Name eq {{name}}",
            "Parameters": {
                "name": "string"
            "Category": "Profiles Category",
            "Type": "Profiles"

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Access to Insight > Segment > and click on Create a Segment button.
  2. Choose the filter definition in the precondition and insert the param name like: test 01.
    • Expected result: Returns only the profiles with name test 01.
    • Actual result: Returns many profiles which names do not have test 01.
  3. With the same filter definition, insert param name with value in double quotes like "test 01" - it returns the correct profile.
    If you click Save segment in step 2, this segment will have many profiles without test 01 in the name (exactly the number of profiles that are returned in step 2).
    Note: The same bug occurs if you insert parameter with value: test 00, but not for parameters test 02, test 03, test 04.