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  1. Save to your computer.
  2. Extract the downloaded .zip file and copy all the files under the /WebRoot folder to the root of your EPiServer Web site. This will add:
    • two folders to the /EPiServerFields folder,
    • language files to the /lang folder,
    • EPiServer.Fields.BaseSample.dll and EPiServer.Fields.Integration.dll to the /bin folder.
  3. In Admin mode, click Import Data under the Tools section on the Admin tab. Select the import file EPiFieldsBaseLibrary.epi4 located in the /Import Files folder of the extracted .zip file. Import the content of the file to your Web site root.
  4. Still in Admin mode, click EPiServer Fields Settings under the Tools section on the Admin tab. Set EPiField Base Library as the root page and save the settings.
  5. In Edit mode, move the EPiFields Samples page, currently placed under /Root/EPiField Base Library, to the location of your choice on your Web site.