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Version: Workflow Sample Code for Episerver Commerce 1 R2 SP1                                 
Release date:
 XX, 2011

Intended Usage

This code sample package is intended for Episerver Commerce 1 R2 SP1.

The package contains the source code for areas of Episerver Commerce that can be customized.

The solution package contains the following:

  • ActivityLibrary– Windows Workflow Activities that are used in the order workflows.
  • OrderWorkflow – Windows Worlkflow Sequential Workflows that are used in the website checkout process and the order admin section.
  • PaymentGateways – Payment provider source code for the default providers.
  • ShippingGateways – Shipping provider source code for the default providers.
  • WebUtility – Helper classes that can be customised. These include common operations performed against the Commerce sub-systems.

To use the code examples in the package, download the .zip file and copy the project files of your choice to your project.