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Release date: Oct 12, 2015

Note: See Download for the latest version of payment providers, tools and code samples for Episerver Commerce. Downloads here apply to versions 9.x. The installation information below applies to versions 9-10.8.0 (latest tools package).


  • July 5, 2016 for version 9.19.0
  • April 29, 2016 for version 9.13.0
  • April 13, 2016 for version 9.11.1
  • February 23, 2016 for version 9.9

About this download package

The download for the Commerce 9 tools and code samples is available for these versions:

These examples require a working Episerver Commerce installation. The code packages contain the items described below.

Note: After downloading but before extracting the zip files, right-click the zip file, select Properties and Unblock if needed. If you have problems compiling the solution, make sure all extracted files are unblocked.

Workflow samples

Zip file "Mediachase.Commerce.Workflow"

This package includes the source code for workflow engine. Here, you can customize workflows and activities to suit specific implementation needs.


  1. Open the Mediachase.Commerce.Workflow.csproj in Visual Studio. Make sure you save the solution to be able to install the NuGet packages.
  2. Install the EPiServer.Commerce.Core package by executing the following command in Package Manager Console: Install-Package EPiServer.Commerce.Core (You might want to install the version that your website is using to avoid assembly conflicts). Note: You do not need to apply any database transforms or remove Common Framework components.
  3. Remove the reference to the Mediachase.Commerce.Workflow.dll and Mediachase.Commerce.Workflow.Activities.dll, if they exist.
  4. Build the solution.

 Workflow migration tool

Zip file "EPiServer.Commerce.Tools.WorkflowMigration"

This is an external migration tool, which is deployed as a project and included in the source code. 

The project is built as an executable file. To run it, provide these parameters:

  • workflow project folder (mandatory): path to the workflow project directory, which will be migrated to use the new engine.
  • A workflow config file path (optional): path to the ecf.workflow.config file, which is used in your solution.
  • A Commerce website: if this argument is not provided, the workflow name is set as the class name.
  • An activity project folder (optional): path to the activity project directory, which will be migrated to the new engine. If you have both workflows and activities in one project, omit this argument.

Note: Before running the workflow migration tool, back up your workflow and activity projects.

Extract the file, open the project, and install these NuGet packages:

  • Microsoft.CodeAnalysis
  • EPiServer.Commerce.Core

Build the WorkflowMigration project. When you run the tool against the workflow and activity projects, they are converted to use the new workflow engine. You may want to disable the “Treat warning as Errors” option to prevent build errors caused by obsolete methods/properties.

Note: The tool converts workflow properties with default getter/setter (empty getter/setter). If there is a logic implementation in the getter or setter, you may need to update the converted properties later. See Breaking changes for Commerce 9 for details about upgrading and migrating existing projects.

Asset import tool

Zip file "EPiServer.Business.Commerce.Tools.ImportAsset"

The asset importer is used to import digital assets, such as images or videos, into Episerver Commerce. It shows how to use asset APIs outside of a web application.

Solr search provider

Zip file "Mediachase.Search.Solr35SearchProvider"

This package contains the source code for the Solr 3.5 search provider. You can use it as a reference when integrating with other search solutions.

Web Helper project

Zip file "Mediachase.Commerce.Website"

Project with the source code for helper classes commonly used when building e-commerce front-end sites with Episerver Commerce.