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Mirroring Service manual installation?


Is there a manual installation for the mirroring service?

I have an existing project and the developer centre install doesn't seem to play nice with projects that have used NuGet package updates. I think the mirroring install may even break the whole NuGet package update model as it seems to include its own bin directory and changes the references to DLLs in the project to look there.

At the moment I'm having to try and manually fix it and hope I can get it working.

I should stress that I did have to show all sites in the developer centre to even see my site - I don't know if this is because it had been created from Visual Studio or had already been upgraded.

I think a NuGet package for the mirroring service might be a better way to deploy this but it doesn't look like one exists currently.

Apr 03, 2014 11:07

Hi Mark, 

There is no separate nuget package available for mirroring. 

The reason why you had to show all sites was probably because of site already upgraded to a later version through nuget. Updating the binaries in mirrroring services has been a manuall step in all updates for 7/7.5.
See here

Install the mirroring service, manually copy over the latest assemblies from site bin folder to mirroring bin folder and update the assembly bindings in mirroring web.config. 

Apr 03, 2014 11:34

Ok, well that's not too bad, thanks for the link and info. I'll have to make sure I remember to go through whenever I upgrade.

Should the mirroring service be configured as a seperate virtual application under the main site? Only it's just a folder when created and I would think it would just pick up the DLLs from the main bin directory, and assembly bindings from the main web.config - might giev it a try and see what happens :P

Apr 03, 2014 12:51

Mirroring service runs as a separate application having its on app pool. Default installation goes under site root\MirroringService folder but you can configure it outside the site root as well. 

During installation through deployment center, it installs the binaries into it's own bin folder and it always look for the binaries into that bin folder. There is NO auto-sync between site bin folder and mirroring service bin folder. 

Apr 03, 2014 13:02

In that case I think I'll set it up as a seperate application, as I think it'll be less likely to create issues that way.

Apr 03, 2014 13:10

Ah, I've just realised that the deployment centre has create another website under IIS and app pool, that's something that could have been made clearer during installation or through the documentation. I was just thinking it would get accessed via http://site/MirroringService/*.svc

I think I'll move the code outside of the site root though as well as create a seperate web app in my solution as I had original tried to just include in the project, which immediately caused me build errors with my other class libraries referenced in.


Apr 03, 2014 14:07
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