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What do we do with the AppData folder


Sorry for the long question...

We recently upgraded to 7.6, and I'm a little confused about this AppData folder. See

We have our site load balanced across 2 servers, and the blob and search index folders on a separate server. My questions are:

1. Where should the AppData folder be? Do we put this in a shared location too? Or should it be in the root of the site on each server? Or should it be at the same level as the site root?

2. Should we put it under source control? If so, we'll have to make sure the blob and index folders aren't under source control??

3. What should be in the AppData folder? Just Geolocation, Modules, ModulesRepository, TemporaryRepository? blobs and Index are shared, as mentioned.

4. Lastly, should it be called AppData or App_Data (i'm assuming it doesn't matter, but just for consistency sake). This says App_Data:

Thanks very much,


Aug 06, 2014 7:00


1. If your site is in clustered environment I would go with shared appData folder solution - it may ease AddOn scenarios (install, remove, etc).

2. We do keep appData in source control. We are sharing (network share) the same appData across whole team who is working in particular project / version / branch. Also we are sharing database - to make sure we get "one-click" scenario for getting latest version, build and run. If somebody peforms actions in site that modifies appData (like installing new AddOn) one is resposnible to make sure that new structure is reflected back to source control - to avoid cases when on next deployment some parts of AddOn is missing. Therefore we are careful in cases when we (as developers) install new AddOn. That is special case. Also we have to check before next deployment what's going on on production servers - has customer installed something additionally. If that's the case we need to take that into account as well. Ideally I would guess would be that deployment process merges local (one being deployed) AddOn installation with remote (deployed) AddOn installation.

3. It depends what you have configured to be in appData, but by default yes - blobs, Geolocation, Modules, ModulesRepository, TemporaryRepository.

4. You can call it whatever you want just make sure it's correctly mentioned in episerverFramework.config file -

Aug 08, 2014 15:57

Great, thanks for the response Valdis

Aug 21, 2014 9:13
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