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How to override languages in "All properties of a page in Editor View" with system enabled languages


I want to override the language of a particular page with the system enabled languages .Here languages (to be overriden for editor view ) which is in All properties of a page , available for editor ... probably it is page languages available for that particular page . Could you please help me in identity that property . I have checked that property and it is not listed in Metadata, Page Data , etc .What is the source of that property (languages in editor view) .  

Image of the language is as shown in this link ( ) besides Visible to Property


Jul 28, 2016 17:55

Hi sharoze,

I'm not quite sure I understand your question.

If you want to show About us page in more than one language, you can check this blog post:

All languages that should be available to site visitors must be enabled in admin mode, and enabled in Language Settings for Root page.

Jul 29, 2016 0:49

Hi Dejan Caric , 

Instead of following the procedure as provided by you in the link .

Is there is any procedure available to populate the system configuration /manage website languages (as shown in screen 1 ) as a dropdown to language for  Editor view (Screen 2).By using the dropdown as shown in  Screen 2 , the editor can pick up the language and click on save to publish the page in particular language .

For instance if english version is available for that page and swedish version is not available, then editor has to select the swedish language from the dropdown as shown in screen 2 and click on publish to publish the page in Swedish version .Please let me know if you need any more information 

Screen 1

Screen 2

Capture.PNG (344×170)

Jul 29, 2016 12:58

Hi Sharoze!

I would recomend that you take a look at the Episerver Languages add-on. This add-on provides some additional help for the editor when working with multiple languages and is usually recommended for multi-lingual environments. For instance, you can see an overview of all languages for a given content item. It is also possible to make a copy of another language, for instance for making a copy or start making a language version based on the content of another language.

Another thing that you should read up if you do not already know it, is language fallbacks. There are two options for this:

  • Replacement Language.
  • Fallback Language.

Normally, replacement language is used to enable that a content can be presented in another language if it does not exist in the current language. For instance, a regional English version for a specific market like Australia may fallback to the main English version if there is not a specific version.

Replacement language will always replace the content, even if the content exists in a local language.

Jul 29, 2016 14:54

Linus , 

Many thanks for your expert advice !!!

I will use the Add-on "Languages" to create the multiple languages . Once i create it using the add-on , i think the languages (in editor view) will be populated as (CSV) shown in Screen 1 below .How can i populate them as a dropdown (Select One ) Screen 2 

Screen 1 

Jul 29, 2016 16:07

Hi again!

Languages available for the editors are enabled by doing two things:

1. Enable the languages in the administrative interface (under Config => Manage Website Languages).

2. The enable editing of the languages you want to do. This is normally done for the root of the content tree or the start page for the web site you want to configure. Go to the page you want to configur it for, open the All Properties view and select Language Settings under tools. Add the languages you want to enable editing for under "Available Languages".

The reason why these settings are separated is that you might want to configure different languages for different sites in a multi site solution or even different part withing a web site.

You can find more infomation here:

Jul 29, 2016 16:17

Linus , 

I have been through the links provided by you .

The point to be noted that 

1.. We cant over ride the Languages with multiple languages until that language version available for that page 

2.. Also we cant show the available languages in a drop down as there is a UI Constrain 

3.. To create the pages in different language  we can use the Languages Add-on 

4.. There is no chance to override the Builtin property of "Language" ,where the metadata properties can be overriden as in this link (   )

Please confirm !!!

Is there is any possiblity of using  UI Hint of the Languages to override as in this link ( )

Ultimately we want to ease the editor with a drop down of system enabled languages and editor can create the language version on the fly by selecting the drop down languages . 

Please Suggest how to proceed further  !!! .Is our entire requirement need to be changed ?

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Jul 30, 2016 21:06


I have done some more investigation. The right side of the All Properties header is basically a hard coded widget in Episerver without a chance to modify it without doing hacky things (it is possible to replace an entire widget, but that is not recommended since it is tricky and is a risk when upgrading).

It´s a good question why Episerver does not show languages available, but not yet created, in the standard UI. I would send a feature request to Episerver to request for an improvement here if I was you.

The languages add-on provides an additional gadget that gives you basically what you want, a list of all languages with actions to switch language or create new content in another language. This is what lots of users use today, and it probably one of the reasons why the default UI still behaves the way it does. Have you installed the Languages add-on and added the gadget?

Aug 03, 2016 18:06

Many Thanks for your expert advice Linus . Yes , i have started using the Episerver Languages Add-on .

I need your expert advice on another issue .i.e Multiple Page picker  ( .Please help me on this. 

Aug 05, 2016 15:07
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