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Custom importing script changes url to updated file



We are using CMS Core 11.20.11.
We have a job that imports files from a SharePoint Online document library. When a file is updated it gets the file again and overwrite the blob saved in Optimizely.
It have been working as it should. But lately something have changed. When it overwrites a file, the URL is updated with a "2" at the end. I can see that the file real name is still the same.
But links from outside of the CMS have stopped working. This used to work.
A couple of months ago we upgradet the nuget packages from CMS Core 11.14.1, is that the problem?

Best Regards

Edited, Jun 21, 2023 7:07

Hi Niklas,

This sounds like a tricky one, I would suggest debugging the optimizely / your code code and see what is happening.

Once you know exactly what is happening and where, you can come up with a plan.

If the offending code is your code then unfortunately you will need to resolve (Would it take much work to delete and then re-upload? Might effect links though).

If the offending code is something MS / Optimizely reach out to their support teams and explain the problem you have found.

To me it doesn't sound like it is updating as it is adding a 2 to the end of the file and is more creating the file.


Jun 21, 2023 9:02

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your answer :)

I have been debugging our code, and I havent found anything that can add a "2" at the end. The functionality is automatic, people and scripts upload files to SharePoint Online. A Optimizely scheduled job checks if there is a new file or modified an existing file. Then downloads the file new/modified file.
We have had this functionality for about 3-4 years with no problem. 

The problem seems to be specific for the URL in Optimizely CMS. When I check the file in the media side widget the filename is correct, but the URL has a "2" at the end.

I will check with Optimizely support team if there is something that have been changed. I checked changelogs but could not find anything specific.

I'll update this thread when we find out what the problem is.

Best Regards

Jun 21, 2023 11:27
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