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Adding "Code" field to product search?


Is it possible to add the Code product field to a CatalogSearch? I have only one textbox for searching, and don't want to search for only the code, but adding it to the keyword search.

I would like to get search hits for "code" if i have a product id in the keywords.

var criteria = filter.CreateSearchCriteria(keywords, sortObject);
May 23, 2012 17:09

Hi Carl,

If you create a custom catalog index builder,  you can add any fields to the Lucene index

public class CustomCatalogIndexBuilder : CatalogIndexBuilder

/// <summary>
/// Called when catalog entry is indexed. Override this method to add some extra fields.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="document">The document.</param>
/// <param name="entry">The entry.</param>
/// <param name="language"></param>
protected override void OnCatalogEntryIndex(ref SearchDocument document, CatalogEntryDto.CatalogEntryRow entry, string language)
// add the fields to be indexed
document.Add(new SearchField("isactive", entry.IsActive));

base.OnCatalogEntryIndex(ref document, entry, language);



Having said that, the "Code" column is in the Lucene search index by default.

Try running Luke and check if it's being properly populated in your index:



May 23, 2012 17:40

Code is in the index. I've verified that with Luke.

Consider the admin UI:

If I enter the a code in the "Search by keywords" box: I get no hits.

If I enter a code in "Search by Code" i get the corresponding hit.


I want to have one search box on the user web page, where I can write either keywords or a product code. Of course I could always just get the item by the code from CatalogContext, however the search page is populated from a CatalogIndexSearchDataSource and I would like to have the product code hits added (union) to the same datasource before returning it to the page.

I was hoping I could instruct the search parameters to include the code.


Here's my current solution that I was hoping to obsolete:

                 //Normal search up to here

                dataSource = new CatalogIndexSearchDataSource();
                dataSource.TotalResults = count;
                dataSource.CatalogEntries = entries;
//Add product code hits
                if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(keywords))                 {                     //Add product code hits:                     List<Mediachase.Commerce.Catalog.Objects.Entry> productCodeHits = new List<Mediachase.Commerce.Catalog.Objects.Entry>();                     foreach (string keyword in keywords.Split(' '))                     {                         Mediachase.Commerce.Catalog.Objects.Entry entry = CatalogContext.Current.GetCatalogEntry(keyword);                         if (null != entry)                         {                             productCodeHits.Add(entry);                         }                     }                     if (0 == dataSource.TotalResults)                     {                         entries.Entry = productCodeHits.ToArray();                     }                     else                     {                         entries.Entry = entries.Entry.Union(productCodeHits).ToArray();                     }                     dataSource.TotalResults += productCodeHits.Count;                     dataSource.CatalogEntries = entries;                 }             }
May 24, 2012 10:35

What version are you using

With the latest version with of solr provider, with solr configuratiion files you can control which fields are copied into the _cotent field to be searched


With lucene by default code is not coped to the _content field.  You would need to make a change to the catalogbuildindexer to copy that field to the _content field

May 24, 2012 22:33

Where can I find documentation that explains the solr configuration and search?

May 25, 2012 8:47

May 25, 2012 23:57
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