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Indexing processor state is Invalid


If I press "Recover" under CommerceManager->Administration->Search Index the system rebuild all entries and starts watching for changes and processing them in background (indexing changed entries)

and it works fine, displaying "Indexing processor state is Valid. Indexing processor state is Valid. X items in queue."

So if I do changes to my entries all them catched and processed.

But sometimes processer state fails to "Indexing processor state is Invalid".


1. What can leads to invalid state?

2. Is it possible to get notified that processor state has been changed from valid to invalid?

Apr 02, 2014 0:57

Mostly interesting in second question, I want to be able to notify admin user that manual action (recover) is required.


Edited, Apr 02, 2014 11:00

At other environment changing any entry in Commerce manager turns processor in Invalid state. Is it configuration issue?

Apr 02, 2014 11:24

For my second question:

Looks like there is no any API "events" I can use to track processor state, so I thinking about following solution (not sure that it's the best one):

create a scheduled job that reads state from tblChangeNotificationProcessor table and analyzes ProcessorStatus field (not sure is it any suitable public CRUD API for this)


For first question still can't find the problem, for me Invalid status is something equal to "error".

I was digging a bit in code related to CatalogIndexingChangeNotificationProcessor but still can't understand what is going on there.

Besides this, "background" change queue processing/indexing activity absolutely out of logging, so I can't catch the problem.


Any help?


Edited, Apr 02, 2014 14:50

The invalid state said that the application can’t know if the index is up to date with the current database. So if something happens so the index and the database get out of sync, like when indexing of an items fails this status will be set to invalid.

The public API for the change notification functionality is found by the service locator

var changeNotificationManager =


Apr 08, 2014 10:58

Finally, I think I've find out what was the reason of "Invalid" state in case on product change.

Everything works fine if I have only CommerceManager site running, but if I start front site (CMS) catalog indexer gets into "Invalid" state.

The reason was wrong configuation in CMS/Mediachase.Search.config. 

The problem was solved by synchronizing configuration in both Mediachase.Search.config (CommeraceManager/CMS) files.



- Each site (CMS/Commerce) starts up CatalogIndexingChangeNotificationProcessor

- Processors share state(Invalid/Valid/...) in database table, but each has its' own queue (identified by connectionId)

- If any proccessor fails to do indexing (error you wrote about) shared state becomes "invalid" in database.



In the way how indexing works now the process itself is being spread out between sites(web boxes). Looks like not a good solution for me.

Is it possible to do indexing only at one specific box (that should accumulate changes from other boxes via Events Replication)?


Apr 09, 2014 12:40

I don’t know your actual reason why this should be a bad solution for you (maybe if you doing mass updates on several servers at the same time this is probably not the best solution).

To replace the Change Notification functionality you have to reconfigure the IOC container for ICahngeNotificationManager. 

Apr 10, 2014 15:37
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