undocumented upgrade issue

Hej ! BasicTree and BasicTree2 objects in EPiServer 3.x are not documented in the SDK. Which EPiServer 4.x controls should I use to get the same functionality? From what I have seen so far they seem to make custom tree's so before I go into rewriting them PLEASE let there be some easier way!
Nov 16, 2004 18:02
I had originally used the PageTree object to get the same functionality but it doesnt exactly give the same results as the old code using BasicTree2. Most branches of the tree turn out OK but some do not. I didnt discover this until browsing the site - some of the lower levels dont work in the same way. It sounds stupid but it doesnt look like there is any of the old code causing the difference so I suspect the BasicTree2 object was doing something special... I havent found out why but I could really do with some confirmation that I am looking in the right place. I have managed to "almost" replicate what I need but this was just trial and error.
Nov 17, 2004 10:18
Any help appreciated!
Nov 19, 2004 17:08
What is the different behavior you are trying to fix ? Guess all of us doesn't have BasicTree fresh in memory, it was replaced with the GenericTree in later EPiServer 3.x versions.
Nov 22, 2004 11:39
Well it seems when you browse down a couple of tree branches it suddenly decides to make the current branch the root branch.. tex, structure: root --branch1 (39220) --branch2 (45688) --branch3 (39641) on first display you see branch 1 to 3 click on branch 1 and it opens like this: branch1 (39220) --child1 of branch1 (39215) --child2 of branch1 (39212) branch2 (45688) branch3 (39641) nothing unusual so far.... clicking on child1 of branch1 (39215) should now make the menu tree like this: child1 of branch1 (39215) --child_a of child2 of branch1 (39217) --child_b of child2 of branch1 (39216) child2 of branch1 (39212) The MainMenuContainer is a dynamic property which runs the entire length of the tree from root down through all branches - so it is a constant value of 34818 yet the tree changes itself. The code I am upgrading looks like this: If MainMenuContainer = "" Then MainMenuContainer = Application("EPnStartPage") If Application("EPnStartPage") = EPnPageID Then EPnPageIDorg = EPnPageID EPnPageID = MainMenuContainer End If Set o = Server.CreateObject("ElektroPost.BasicTree2") aTree = o.BuildPageMenuTree(MainMenuContainer, Null, Array(EPnPageID), EPsSID, nAccessRead, conn ) Its something obvious isnt it? I just cant see it...
Nov 23, 2004 9:46
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