Hi. Is it possible to map the filetree webcontrol in episerver to a network drive? Alternatively, has anoyone extended this webcontrol to be able to map to network drives? Just want to know if it's possible before I dig into coding. If anyone's got a sample, that would also be great! :-) Frank :)
Dec 21, 2004 16:30
You should be able to add a virtual directory in IIS mapped to a network drive and then pointing the filetree to this virtual directory. The ASPNET process must then run under a account that has access to the file share.
Dec 22, 2004 9:55
Thanks. That did the trick. However, this is on an intranet, and I would like to use the user's own credentials to check for access. How is the best way to do that? There are so many layers of authentication when it comes to these things. I see that you can specify an own identity in the App Pool (I'm using Windows 2003, by the way...), or I can specify username and password on the virtual directory I've made in IIS to access the share on the network drive, or I can user indentity impersonate in the web.config file. The solution that works now, is that I've specified a domain username and password on the virtual directory, and granted this user Read access on the network share. But, as I said, I would like to use the user's own credentials to access the files. When I use identity impersonate, I can browse the cataloges, but get a Windows login box when trying to access a file. Any comments? Frank :)
Dec 22, 2004 13:43
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