Change language of a page

Is there a way of changing the language of a page wihtout setting a cookie and doing a redirect? Most search engines exclude redirect pages from their index (even if the pages redirect to them selves) which is kind of a bad thing if you set the language based on what URL the visitor used and then reload the page with a Response.Redirect() to load the new language :-) /Patrik
Apr 26, 2005 14:37
HttpContext.Current.Items["epslanguage"] = "EN";
Apr 26, 2005 15:08
That had absolutely no effect for me when I put that in Page_Init(). Do I need to do anything else after that for the new language to be displayed?
Apr 27, 2005 13:12
I managed to get it to work by setting Session["epslanguage"] = "NO" and not making a redirect. /Patrik
Apr 27, 2005 14:38
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