Customising file management in action window

Hi Is there a way to customise the file management area in the action window? I want to modify the categories that are displayed for a document when you right click and select "Edit file summary". Currently this displays 3 categories: Product1, Product2, Product 3. Where are these defined, and can i change these to be something else? Also is there a way to force a user to fill in this information when adding a file, instead of filling it in after adding and selecting "Edit file summary". I am using EpiServer 4.51. Thanks Tak
Jan 12, 2006 19:33
You'll have to modify /docrepository/summary.config in your site root, the file is a XForm (and defined in web.config where all filesystem configuration is). You can add the required attribute in the summary.config as defined by the XForms standard. And, 4.60 will support entering metadata when you upload a file instead of after.
Jan 13, 2006 16:55
Thanks, but i eventually managed to figure this one out. But i now have another issue. I have created a new separate folder (TmpDocuments) and associated summary.config file. I have added the handler section in the web.config, and set up the appropriate permissions in admin mode for this folder. I've added a file to this folder, and updated the file summary information e.g. setting the Author to Tak. I now want to search for all files which match that author. Unfortunately the following code does not appear to work: UnifiedSearchQuery query = new UnifiedSearchQuery(); query.Path = "/TmpDocuments"; query.FileNamePattern = "*.*"; query.MatchSummary.Add("Author", "Tak"); UnifiedSearchHitCollection hits = query.Search(); The count on the returned search hit collection is always 0. But the code works if i change the path to "/Documents" and add a file with the same author to the Documents folder. Is there something i'm missing? Thanks Tak
Jan 13, 2006 18:19
Just a quick update on this. Its now working, but i don't recall changing anything. Must have been an old cached version of the page i was seeing. Or, most probably, its late and i should go home :-)
Jan 13, 2006 18:56
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