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Formatting Xform Emails

Is there any way to change the layout of the emails that Xform generates? As far as I can tell I’m limited to a list of field names followed by a value. I would like to lay it out in a table using the field header or a substitute value instead of the field name. Also, Is it possible to place certain fields in the subject and omit them from the body of the email? Regards, Steve
Jan 23, 2007 13:29
You could take a look at the Code sample. If think it covers this issue. Cheers Mattias
Jan 23, 2007 14:06
I think what Steve wants (it's what I'd like ,anyway!) is for the email to mimic the form's layout somehow, ie repeat the same structure in the email that is used in the form definition. Would this be possible?
Jan 23, 2007 17:44
Exactly my thougts as well. We have over twenty forms that get sent to different departments. They are big, most of them can cover more than one screen in size. The recipients shold have a much easier job if they got something that resembled a screenshot of the completed form in their inbox. Now they get a mail with cryptic valuepairs. Is there an easy way of sending an html-mail with basicly the same xform but with the answers filled in? /jacob
Jan 31, 2007 17:23

I have the same question, but the link from Mattias doesn’t work. Is there anyone that has changed the layout for a forms e-mail?


Aug 07, 2009 8:56

Me too. Want possiblities to change the layout in the emailsLaughing

And i also want to exclude some information in the e-mails. Like if a textfields isn´t containing any value - I do not want the lead text.

And I want a possibility to add informational text that has to be in BOTH the e-mails AND the forms. Like section titles to help the eye to interpret the information.

I wonder how many people who might have the same needs?


Aug 10, 2009 10:43

The correct link to the "send custom e-mail" code sample that Mattias was referring to earlier, should be this one:


Aug 10, 2009 11:28


 Read this blog post for a code sample on how to send the actual form with the current users data in the email body instead of the standard functionality:

Linus Ekström
EPiServer Development Team

Aug 19, 2009 14:46
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