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WebpartFramework (Coderesort) and saving (loading) of properties.


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Hi, I am having a problem with the "user-control" based web-parts, I know this might not be the perfect fora for this but please respond if you can:) .

They do not seem to be saving information from "advanced" properties, such as Intergens MultiPageProperty or Itera MultiPart property with PageLinks for instance. Or rather, applychanges in the propertycontrol is called, so perhaps a better description would be that the property is not "loaded" properly?

I am unsure what is "really" required to have a property save itself properly, if someone could enlighten me here I would appreciate it.

Is it enough to have "Personalizable" ? Is "WebBrowsable" required? Do you have to set "Name" on the property as in the example with the PageListWebPart and LongStringProperty?

Regards, Aanund


Dec 03, 2008 13:29

I had the same problem. It looks like the edit mode these properties are rendered is based on EPiServer 4 methods or consepts. It cant handle post back.

I started too dig around with intent too change how the popup with properties are rendered, but didnt finish it because of wife agro.

So only pointer I can give you is to download the source code and start changing this behavior.


Dec 03, 2008 13:36

That is really too bad.

I got a comment from Adam Najmanowicz over at coderesort claiming that this was related to a scriptmanager running and he posted a solution for turning off scriptmanagers when logged in.

Unfortunately this did not seem to help.

Can anyone confirm that using "advanced" properties with the webpartsframework is possible? At all? Without having to recode the framework ;)

Dec 04, 2008 10:24

If you by Advanced mean properties that do postbacks, I think you're out of luck with the standard implementation and will have to dig into the code and try to make it work.

Btw. you should give your properties a name, as in the LongString property. I believe that it is neccessary in order to make it accept the posted value.

Not sure what Anders mean by "EPiServer 4 methods or consepts" - might be the missing ability to render properties that has postbacks.


Dec 04, 2008 10:58

One possible method could be to make your self a dummy property that contains a hidden text field and an iframe that loads the "inner" property in edit mode. this iframe could then update the "master" hidden property.

You need of course too change the height of the iframe by javascript after each reload of the iframe page.

Steve: Thought about post backs and events. CMS 4 didnt like that very much :),

Dec 04, 2008 11:25
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