Problem with login from multiple domains.


I am quite new to the world of EPiServer so please excuse my lack of knowledge in the application.

We have 2 different domains (lets call them "Domain LEFT" and "Domain RIGHT").
We authenticate the users through groups in our active directory.

From the beginning these two domains were separated with minimum interaction between them.
But today we have applications who work through these domains.

The problem I have goes like this:
We have two Users, let's call them Steve Johnson and Stephen Johnson.
User1: (Domain LEFT/stejoh) IS NOT granted access to EpiServer Edit-mode through active directory.
User2: (Domain RIGHT/stejoh) IS granted access to EpiServer Edit-mode through active directory.
Our EpiServer 5 CMS R2 belongs to Domain LEFT.
Both users have the same account logon name except for the domains.

When the user Domain RIGHT/stejoh tries to connect to EpiServer Edit-Mode he won't get any access.
It seems that EPIServer first check the domain that it belongs to and if it find a user who matches the logon name it drops the connection and doesn't look for a similar user in the other domain.

The easiest way would be to create an additional account for the user with a different logon-name, but his I s not accepted by the users.
Is there any way to configure EPiServer to also request the domain-prefix?

Best Regards

Mikael Johansson

Mar 09, 2009 14:35
If you are using the WindowsMembershipProvider you can set the usernameFormat attribute to DomainAndName. Not sure how this works in the ActiveDirectory-provider.
Mar 09, 2009 15:23
Ok Thanks!

That would be a solution to try.

Is this controlled by the web.config file?
Edited, Mar 09, 2009 15:43
Yes, in web.config.
Mar 12, 2009 9:36

Did this solve the problem?

Jan 12, 2010 14:45
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