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Cascading Custom Property


I am currently building a custom property which is a collection of custom properties. Parsing and storing of this collection works fine as I transform the whole tree into an XML-document.

When I open the page the first time, the 'CreateEditControls' of the collectino is called, which creates property-controls for every property inside. Every property-control creates the necessary property-controls for it's properties (PropertyXhtmlText, PropertyPageReference, etc.).
Afterwards, SetupEditControls is called which loops through the property-controls and calls 'SetupControl' for every one. These calls call SetupControl for their sub-controls.

The problem is with the postback. When I click 'Save', the method 'CreateEditControls' is called for the collection and property-controls are (re-)created. But for some reason, while creating the property-controls, the CreateEditControls-method of the sub-properties is never called.
This results in SetupEditControls to fail.

Can anyone explain why the method of the sub-properties isn't called the second time?

Or is there a different way of re-creating the controls?

Jun 06, 2012 17:13


The trick is to craete the properties every time, and on prerender save the new xml structure, and use that for recreating.

Check this prosject


A little tip. Use the Property SaveData and LoadData instead of the ParseToSelf() and Value.ToString() since the load and save handle the LinkCollection correct

Jun 06, 2012 22:33

I suggest looking at this:


It sounds like it could be doing just what you are trying to do?

Jun 07, 2012 15:19
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