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Javascript error in 4.40 when editing cell properties in a table

I get a Javascript error when trying to change "Table Properties" or "Cell properties" on a table. When opening the javascript error (by clicking on the yellow icon in IE status field) i get the following message: Line: 108 Char: 2 Error: Object expected Code: 0 URL: http://customersite.../Edit/Editpanel.aspx?id=10 I belive that this wasn't a problem in 4.31 but it looks like a bug in 4.40. //Stefan - Adera **** Copied the About box info *** Constants: 3 DropLink: 3 Find: 1 HtmlTextBox2_API: 8 ImageProperties: 1 InsertAnchor: 2 InsertHr: 1 LinkEditor: 4 PasteUnformatted: 8 SelectTools: 1 SpellChecker: 1 StartupScript: 2 TableEdit: 13 TableEditor: 6 common: 2 JavaScript version: 5.6.8820 Browser: IE 6.0 Platform: Win32 **********************************
Nov 19, 2004 14:33
Hi Stefan I issued this problem for EP yesterday and they have now takin it upp on the issuelist. Issue ID 26956 Regards Peter
Nov 19, 2004 15:22
Ooh one more thing! It happens when you use the Editor without the fonttool. If u use the fonttool its no problem. /Peter
Nov 19, 2004 15:24
I made my own quick buggfix for this if u like it? Its ugly but it works until EP publish a fix. /Peter
Nov 19, 2004 16:36
Ok, thx Peter for the info, but I think I'll wait for the hotfix from Elektropost. For EP: Is there a date set when the hotfix for this issue is going to be released? /Stefan
Nov 22, 2004 11:10
We'll fix it today or tomorrow by creating an FAQ article with a download and updating the product update site to make sure future upgrades are patched from the beginning (it's just one or two files and no DLL's involved).
Nov 22, 2004 11:47
Great Per, thx for the quick response. /Stefan
Nov 22, 2004 13:37
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