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Can't log in with Office Add-in


I have a site using Windows authentication and https. The site uses ISA server for authentication. I have set up the Office Integration correctly in Admin and acvtivated in Edit mode. Double checked. I still get error message (translated from Swedish) "Connection failed ... check correct url .. and that you have authority to perform the task [401]".

The url is correct. My "user" works on the site with same password

So have I missed something? Any clue to what is wrong?


Nov 23, 2009 15:55

Have you enabled office integration in web.config?

<location path="<custom_ui_location>/OfficeIntegration">
            <allow users="*"/>

Note! If you use integrated authentication, should this not be done.

Nov 24, 2009 1:13


Yes tried both. I missed the Note! first time.

I've checked URL ok

I am authorised.

Can https create problems?


Nov 24, 2009 9:37

Have you tried to access Office web services direct? http://<host>/<custom_ui_location>/OfficeIntegration/webservices/PageService.asmx

Nov 24, 2009 9:44

Yes, And that works just fine. So "Manually" I'm authenticated and WS is available. Since it is https i can't see what's sent and recieved in fiddler.

Nov 24, 2009 9:59


Maybe this is a more general question - how does Office know how to access the EPiServer CMS if it is hosted totally somewhere else, i.e. editors would want to upload a document from their local machine onto the production live which is hosted externally. Can you please explain this in more details - once again apologies if this is a different topic.

I am trying to set up Office Integration but it is failing. I have enabled all the necessary users/groups, installed Office stuff, activated the Office integration and installed components. I have changes the OfficeIntegration in Web.config (secure/OfficeIntegration - similar to - please corrent me if this is wrong. When I open a document in Word I get the Publish to EPiServer Add-in but when I click it I only get the 'My EPiServers' and cannot see the sites.

Can you please help me with this. Please feel free to reply or email me.

Many thanks,


Dec 06, 2010 14:52

You need to activate all sites you are going to publish to. Go to edit mode in the EPiServer site, click the Microsoft office tab, then the Activate "sub"-tab and finally click the activate button. That should make your site appear in Word etc :)

Dec 07, 2010 7:48

Thanks for your reply Lars. I now can see the site in Word - however I had done the excact same steps before but the site wasn't appearing in Word. Could this be some sort of caching issue? Do you have any more details how does Word (or any other Office application) know how to connect to the site, first locally and then on the production environment where the site is hosted externally? How does this distinguish the two? Can I have my local copy of the site and the production one activated, and then see both from Word? Is this possible?

Please let me know of any information you have on how this works on the background, any security issues or permissions that need to be aware or configure?

Many thanks,


Dec 07, 2010 10:03

All Office applications use the same information to create the list of sites you get in Word, Excel, etc. You need to go to edit mode in each environment and activate that specific site. The Office integration does not have any knowledge of your environment configuration.

You can activate your local site by eg. go to http://localhost/<uifolderpath>/edit and active your localhost site. Then go to the test enviroment URL to do the same. All environments must be distinguished by an unique URL. When you open your Office application after activating all environments, they should be listed underneath eachother in the wizard window. This enables you to test publish to all environments from your local machine.

All information is stored in your registry (HKEY_USERS\<USER_ID>\Software\ElektroPost\EPiServer.ShellTools) But you should not change anything in the registry keys! It will not work if you do.

I do not know why your site didn't show in the list. Caching on the site should not affected the Word integration. Not sure, but if Word is open when you activate the site, it might not read the registry key until the next time it starts. (NOT sure if that is the way it behaves)

Dec 07, 2010 10:16

Yes, I do not understand how Word didn't pick up the site first time around - but now it does so half of the problem solved.

The next issue is that, it does not get the content of the document onto the page I create in the wizard. It creates the page and names it based on the name of the Word document, however body content doesn't appear there apart from the title which it picks up from the Page name, i.e. name of the Word document. Is there any limitation for this to work only on certain Page Types? Which property does it use to display the content of the Word document on, i.e. Main_Body, etc.?

Dec 07, 2010 10:26

If your page does not get any content, you need to change the Default.config file. (as you suggested)  Go to:
C:\<Program Files Path>\EPiServer\CMS\<EPiServer version, eg 5.2.375.236>\Application\UI\OfficeIntegration\wizard

Open the file Default.config and change the "targetproperty" to match your property name. The Office content will be published to this property. If you want the user to enter a preview text or other information, you can add the property you want to expose like this:
<property name="department" />

Dec 07, 2010 10:35

Is the 'targetproperty' part of the web.config as I do not have a default.config in my project? Where else can edit this entry? Also, when you change the 'targetproperty' to match a particular property, this sounds as it assumes that, that property exists in the Page Type that you create a page of. What happens if that property doesn't exist for that Page Type, will that Page Type still be displayed on the wizard as an option to create a page of?



PageTypeOne - has Main_Body

PageTypeTwo - does not have Main_Body

On the wizard, will PageTypeTwo still be displayed as an option when creating a new page? Will the Page Types be determined if they are available to the tree where the new page is created or are they determined based on the 'targetpropert'? I hope this makes sense :)


Dec 07, 2010 10:56

As I wrote, it is located under your Program files folder structure. (look in my previous post)

If your page does not have that property, the result will be an empty page. (as you already have experienced ;-) )

You need to make sure that all page types that will be published through the Office products have that property. In your example, all pagetypes should have "Main_Body"    BUT, you can define several config files based on page types. So, PageTypeOne can have a pagetypeone.config file where targetproperty is set to "Main_Body", and PageTypeTwo can have a separate config file with targetproperty="Special property name on page type two". 

You define which config files to use in web.config:


<filter pageTypes="30,16,4,83" extensions="*" src="WordHtmlStrict.config"/>
<wizard pageTypes="30,16,4" extensions="*" src="Default.config"/>
<wizard pageTypes="83" extensions="*" src="Advanced.config"/>
				<filter pageTypes="3,6,9,13" extensions="*" src="WordHtmlStrict.config"/>
				<wizard pageTypes="3,6,9" extensions="*" src="Default.config"/>
				<wizard pageTypes="13" extensions="*" src="Advanced.config"/>
Edited, Dec 07, 2010 11:10

Yes, found it - sorry must've missed your previous post, as I did try to find that file but looked in the wrong place. I got it working now. The issue was that the property name was different than the default, i.e. MainBody so needed to change that and works fine now. No extra changes needed in web.config - unless of course we need to add this 'special property for page type two' example. Thanks for your help Lars.

Maybe I should create a post to clarify the Default.config as I couldn't find it as part of the Office Integration documentation I read - just some explicit direction as to where this is.

Dec 07, 2010 11:35

I'm on it. Blogpost will be published within 10 minutes.

Dec 07, 2010 11:52

Also note that the page might be empty because you have selected some blank characters in the Word document (it will publish the peace of text that is selected (if nothing is selected the entire content will be published). 

Dec 07, 2010 13:50
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