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Xforms and customizing the look


I need to customize some Xforms. I need a too add comments & titles inside some forms. And I´m not a programmer. So please do not direct me to some coding.

I think I´ve seen a demonstration where the forms table was editable in "ordinary way". But I cannot recall how it was done. Exporting the XML and editing it with Dreamweaver gives me a nightmare. At the demo it looked like editing a ordinary table. Do anyone know how to do this?

The trickiest part of all I guess is that I need these text send with the emails. But the I guess there must be some coding done. True or?



Jul 06, 2009 14:07

Hi Bettina,

You can have a look at page 114 in the Editors Manual, there and on the next 12 pages it is shown how you can edit your Forms.

Jul 06, 2009 16:21

Well but this is not want I meant. Sorry if I didn´t descripe the issue good enought. All the manual talks about is leadtext + input field.

I want to add more text - text without corresponding input. Like titles in between sections (read rows) to make the form easier to understand. 

And in some cases we want these lines in corresponding mail as well. But I guess this is a programming issue harder to fix.


Jul 06, 2009 16:39
Jul 06, 2009 16:39

Well if you are in the XForms editor for the form you want to edit and press Ctrl+Shift+c you will be able to copy the Form and get it in a <table> format. Is this what you are looking for? Then edit it and put it back with Ctrl+Shift+v.

Edited, Jul 06, 2009 17:21

Yes - that was the trick. Ctr+c didn´t work at all....


Jul 07, 2009 8:55
Oct 01, 2009 15:48

Did you copy the redesigned content before putting it back?

It would go something like this.

1. Open the Xform your editing.

2. press ctrl+shift+c

3. click yes in the dialog that appares.

4. open notepad

5. press ctrl+v

6. Edit what you want to edit.

7. press ctrl+a to mark all text. Then press ctrl+c

8. go back to your Internet Explorer with the XForms editor and press ctrl+shift+v

 Just did a test on our demo site and it wroked fine. Hope it does for you to.

Oct 01, 2009 15:58

I needed help to paste back the content into X-forms. But worked it out :-/

But it was really strange...why should I use CTRL+SHIFT+C for copying it from X-forms but right click and copy the other direction?

For me CTRL+SHIFT+C did not work when moving my form back into X-forms.

A bug or a feature? 

Oct 01, 2009 15:59
The shortcut for copying in windows is CTRL+C and for pasting is CTRL+V. The Xform shortcut is based on this and there for you will have to use CTRL+SHIFT+C for copying it from the Xform and use CTRL+SHIFT+V for pasting it back to the Xform.
Oct 01, 2009 16:02

Yes but thats OK. If it worked consistently. But CTRL+SHIFT+C do not work when I´m in the "ordinary" edit windown. The window I use for tidying up the form. Then I needed to right-click and copy. And that must be a bug or some totally non-understandable feature.

But is it just our installation - we are running 5.3 - or anything other people have problem with. Very took me 2 hours to find out.....

Oct 01, 2009 16:25

And by the way . I want all MS office shortcuts in your "CTRL+SHIFT" way. Like repeat, undo etc


Oct 01, 2009 16:26
What is the "ordinary" edit window your are using for tidying up the form?
Oct 01, 2009 16:43
Yes ordinary Episerver edit window in an ordinary page based on an ordinary template.
Oct 01, 2009 16:44

I closed ALL Episerver windows and restarted to reproduce the bug. But now it works more consistent. Not perfect ....but better....

I think the thing that cause this bug is that my table is quite long. I tried to scroll down and "grab" the whole table. But when scrolling the bar closest to the content makes the "selected cells" deselected. So I hade to select the whole table. First attempt content didn´t follow to destination form. But next attempt succeded.

I know I tried to copy in HTML mode and right-clicked at first session. I also know that I right-clicked at the whole selected table used "copy". An alternative that is not available here at second session.  It is "greyed"

Very strange....the is some dirty code here....or browser bug or what???

But now when I have survived this afternoon without a heartattack - will you make it easier to make nice looking X-forms layouts in coming releases.  Smile



Oct 01, 2009 17:10
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