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DynamicConten MainBody not rendering


I have a standard episerver template (page.aspx), it contains a number of properties. One of the properties is MainBody of type Xhtml-string(>255) and an other property is called RightColumnEditor of the same type, Xhtml-string(>255).

I have the same DynamicContent in both properties, but it is only displayed in RightColumEditor. Why is that?

I want to display my DynamicContent in the MainBody.

Sep 16, 2009 16:04
How is it rendered? I have seen examples where Xhtml-string properties are not rendered using the Property control, but instead output to the page as plain xhtml (writing directly to the response by using <%=%> syntax i markup for example). Then Dynamic Content won't render.
Sep 16, 2009 16:31

Yes that was the problem. We rendered it by using <%= CurrentPageBody %> and in .cs setting CurrentPageBody = CurretnPage.Property["MainBody"].ToString().

We now use the property control. But is that the only way? Is there no way to handle the property in .cs. In some cases we load the MainBody of an other page.

Sep 17, 2009 9:26

You can load a property from a different page into a Property control (set the PageLink aspnet-property of the property control). If you need to do other manipulations of dynamic content, Teds excellent post might interest you.

Sep 17, 2009 9:47
Tank you
Sep 18, 2009 15:10
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