Package handling


What's the preferred way to handle packages in CMS 12?

At the moment I only have EPiServer.CMS referenced and all dependencies are handled automatically. That seems to keep the dependencies at the lowest possible version though.

Any suggestions about this?


Sep 08, 2022 13:07

That is the default behavior of nuget NuGet Package Dependency Resolution | Microsoft Docs (lowest compatible version) 

In previous version of VIsual Studio I think you have the option to change that, however it is no longer available in 2022 as I checked it 

Sep 08, 2022 13:28

Magnus Rahl has written an in-depth article about how nuget dependencies are resolved with the new model.

We ended up referencing a handful of packages in order to get to the latest versions.

Sep 15, 2022 6:43

I think I've often ended up referenceing more than a handful of packages, but an Optimizely engineer once recommended me directly installing the following packages.

  • EPiServer.CMS
  • EPiServer.Hosting
  • EPiServer.CMS.AspNetCore.HtmlHelpers
Sep 15, 2022 12:30
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