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EpiServer CMS CRUD Operation using MS Dynamic CRM connector


i have an EPIServer CMS project and Microsoft Dynamic 365 CRM project and i wanted to connect both of them. so i used Microsft CRM Connector to connect then whihc is done successfully. now i have created a form (for Account) on EPIServer CMS and connected this form and its fields (with Account entity) of Microsoft Dynamic 365 so now when i enter data in form and submit it data is successfully is shown in my dynamic CRM project.

so let me tell you that i tried my best for last 2 days to search for solution online but couldn't find any soution so far. 

Now the main problem is that i want to know wether using MS CRM connector, is it possible to perform a CRUD operation from using epi-server CMS website and these changes should effect my dynamic CRM 365 project , i-e using episerver CMS if i create a record then that record should be created in dynamci 365 CRM project and if if i EDIT, UPDATE, DELETE a record then same should effect in dynamic 365 CRM project. i know i have performed the CREATE operation but how can i perform the other operations.

and secound problem is that i want to get all records from entity Account of dynamic 365 CRM and show it in a table on EPI Server CMS, how can i do that ? is it possible using MS CRM Connector or not ?

Aug 31, 2021 11:55

These are just assumptions based on the information available here on World, but I'm pretty sure CMS only keep a record of the posted form data (as it always do). There is no full sync of users/leads.

"The Microsoft Dynamics CRM® connector add-on automatically exports form data from your website to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM account database by mapping Optimizely form fields to Microsoft Dynamics CRM database fields."

I'm no MS Dynamics CRM expert, but I'm pretty sure there are APIs for exporting data. The connector doesn't support this from what I can see here I mean, that's not the point of the connector.

What you also get when you have a marketing automation connector installed, is attributes for creating Visitor Groups, see

Aug 31, 2021 15:08
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