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Episerver Forms and dynamic recipient


Hi guys,

I'm working on a case where I want to use the same basic form but change recipient based on a factor on the page for the submitted from.


Contact form on a companys presentation page. 

We are presenting a bunch of companies. There's one presentation page in the CMS and based on a parameter (companyId i.e.) we display data for the company specified through the parameter. So there's not individual pages for each company. However, I want the recipient email address to be the company contact email.

I tried hooking on to Submitting-events ( but can't find a way to change recipient.

Is it even possible? Any suggestions on how to accomplish this or any alternative solutions to solve this will be appreciated.

Sep 15, 2016 14:57

Hi Espen,

I don't got your idea. But if you want to customize content on a page after visitor submitted the form, please take a look at this article.

Use the "Thank You Page" as your presentation page of company, you can have information about the Form and the has-just-submiitted FormSubmission via url parameters. Base on that parameter, you fetch the FormSubmission, and display the page as you want.

Edited, Sep 22, 2016 12:40

Hi Espen,

I made something similar. The recipients e-mail address is located in a "location page" in Episerver and the same page holds info on what zip-codes it is responsible for.

I created 2 custom form elements; ZipCodeElementBlock and CrmEmailElementBlock, and hook into FormsEvents.Instance.FormsSubmitting += FormsSubmitting;

private void UpdateSubmissionEmailReciver(FormsEventArgs submitArgs)
                var formsSubmittingEventArgs = submitArgs as FormsSubmittingEventArgs;

                if (formsSubmittingEventArgs == null)

                var formElements = submitArgs.FormsContent.Property["ElementsArea"].Value as ContentArea;
                var hiddenEmailFields = formElements.GetItems<CrmEmailElementBlock>();
                var zipCodeFields = formElements.GetItems<ZipCodeElementBlock>();

                if (zipCodeFields == null || hiddenEmailFields == null || !hiddenEmailFields.Any())

                var emailField = formsSubmittingEventArgs.SubmissionData.Data.First(i => i.Key.EndsWith("_" + hiddenEmailFields.First().Content.ContentLink.ID.ToString()));
                var zipCode = formsSubmittingEventArgs.SubmissionData.Data.First(i => i.Key.EndsWith("_" + zipCodeFields.First().Content.ContentLink.ID.ToString()));

                var officePage = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<ISearchService>().FindRegionRegionOffice(zipCode.Value.ToString());

                if (officePage != null && !string.IsNullOrEmpty(officePage.CrmEmailAddress))
                    Logger.Log(Level.Debug, $"Redirecting e-mail from {emailField.Value} to {officePage.CrmEmailAddress}");

                    formsSubmittingEventArgs.SubmissionData.Data[emailField.Key] = officePage.CrmEmailAddress;
            catch (Exception e)
                Logger.Log(Level.Error, "Failed to map incoming contect request to a regional page", e);

The result is that the CrmBlock-field in forms will be updated with the e-mail address found on the location page. If nok found the CrmEmailElementBLock has a default value for e-mails. That field can be used in Forms (replacement).

Jan 05, 2017 7:45
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