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Copy form will not copy form element dependiencies


Lets say I create a form with 1 text and 1 choice element.

In the choice element I set dependency that this should only be shown if I type Test in the text element.

This works fine.

Then I copy the form.

The newly created copied form will not have that dependency working. It will directly show the choice element even if I have not entered anything in the text element.

It says that the dependency is not valid anymore.

Is this a known bug?


Edited, May 31, 2019 13:51


I can not reproduce the issue on my local machine with fresh normal Alloy site.

Can you tell us the steps to reproduce ?

Jun 03, 2019 11:59
EPiServer.Cms.Shell.UI OnLine Center support for EPiServer CMS
EPiServer Episerver Web Content Management System
  1. Create a new form
  2. add one text form element
  3. add one multi choise form element
  4. publish all of the elements and form
  5. edit the choice form element and add a dependency if text value equals test then show multi choice form element
  6. publish form element
  7. go to form and test write test in the textbox. Expected: choice field should appear. Actual: choice field appear after writing test in the text field.

Everything is so far good.

  1. Now select the form in the content tree in epi edit mode and copy it and paste it in same folder
  2. go to the copied form and you will see choice field appears directly, without even writing anything in the text field.
  3. go to edit form, edit multi choice form element
  4. go to dependency tab and you will see the text "The condition is no longer valid" when holding the mouse over the condition.
Edited, Jun 03, 2019 16:26

hi kowal,

I still could not reproduce the issue.

Please upgarde the CMS and Forms packages to latest version. If you still encounter this problem, please create a support case so we can investigate further..

Jun 04, 2019 9:36
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