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Quan Tran

Quan Tran

 Alias: Quan Tran
 Location: Vietnam
 About me: Life runs on code

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Level: Participating Citizen
Total contribution points: 673 (gain 77 points more to level up)

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Posted on: Mar 04, 2019

When submission process takes a long time to complete, a loading icon should be shown just to let users know something is happening. It is easily...

Posted on: Feb 20, 2019

Feature dependency for fields is available from version 4.15 which lets you configure dependencies among fields in a form. You can create rules for...

Posted on: Jan 14, 2019

Few months ago I got a Forms support case from a customer. They had a concern for security perspective as well as GDPR perspective. The question is...

Posted on: Mar 20, 2018

After months of development, ChangeApproval 1.0.1 was released yesterday, although it's still being actively developed. This article explains the...

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