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No results in Content Search API


Hello, I have a problem with usage of the Content Search API --

I have installed Content Search API by following instruction at the Episerver World. However, the API yields no results:

{"totalMatching": 0,"results": null}

The configuration of Episerver Find seems to be proper, i.e.:

  • There are Document Types listed in Overview on the Find page.
  • There are results if I'm using Episerver.Find.Client: Client.CreateFromConfig().Search<FindDocument>().GetResult(); // yields proper results.

Now, I tried to use the API in following ways. All yields no results and there's no error in the logs.

Method 1: By using Swagger UI.

Method 2: By using Visual Studio Code Rest API Client.:

### Search
GET {{baseUrl}}/{{v2}}/search/content
Accept: 'application/json'
Accept-Language: *
Authorization: Bearer {{accessToken}}

Method 3: By using the code directly:

var searchResponse = _contentApiSearchProvider.Search(new SearchRequest { Query = "*", }, new List<string> {"sv"});
var contentApiModels = searchResponse.Results?.ToList(); // is null

Using following package versions:

<package id="EPiServer.CMS" version="11.15.0" targetFramework="net48" />
<package id="EPiServer.ContentDeliveryApi.Cms" version="2.10.0" targetFramework="net48" />
<package id="EPiServer.ContentDeliveryApi.Commerce" version="2.10.0" targetFramework="net48" />
<package id="EPiServer.ContentDeliveryApi.Core" version="2.10.0" targetFramework="net48" />
<package id="EPiServer.ContentDeliveryApi.Search" version="2.10.0" targetFramework="net48" />
<package id="EPiServer.ContentDeliveryApi.Search.Commerce" version="2.10.0" targetFramework="net48" />
<package id="EPiServer.Find" version="13.2.6" targetFramework="net48" />
<package id="EPiServer.Find.Cms" version="13.2.6" targetFramework="net48" />
<package id="EPiServer.Find.Commerce" version="11.1.2" targetFramework="net48" />
<package id="EPiServer.Find.Framework" version="13.2.6" targetFramework="net48" />

I tried different variations of the query and request configuration, but none of these solutions yields proper results.

Do you know what might be the cause of that?

Edited, May 21, 2020 10:21

So it seems like the following package is missing. 


May 28, 2020 13:35
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