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Opticon 2022 - What are you looking forward to the most?


What are you looking forward to the most at this year's Opticon? We'd love to hear from you!

Some examples of what we'd like to hear from you. 

  • Is there a specific type of activity you're expecting?
  • What about workshops and labs, is there a specific product you want to get some hands on experience with?
  • How about a deep dive demo of a product?
  • Are there any topics you're hoping we'd cover with any of our presentation sessions?
  • Is there a speaker you're hoping to see this year?
Mar 25, 2022 11:54

I'm super excited for Opticon! The deep dives into the product roadmaps are amazing. It would be great to pair those product roadmaps with a larger strategy as to how organizations can leverage the technology to bring business value over several years. Many customers don't have internal strategists so they struggle to implement the amazing features of the Opitimizely platform to their fullest extent. 

Mar 25, 2022 13:34

I would love to find out more about the medium to long term roadmap for Commerce Cloud with thoughts on industry trends such as Mach Architecture

Edited, Mar 25, 2022 15:06
Johan Kronberg - May 25, 2022 15:27
I would say a typical Commerce Cloud app has many traits of a microservice; it can be managed independently and deployed by a small team, it works when other services in the org are down, it can be responsible for pulling in data it needs, it's easy to adapt to fit architectural styles in the org, etc.
Johnny Mullaney - May 26, 2022 7:22
On re-reading my comment, I agree that its not well worded. I'll edit so that it better reflects what i was getting at

I would love to get hands on workshops and deep dives of ODP (Zaius) and Welcome!  As well as here more about their integration into the Optimizely DXP.

Mar 25, 2022 18:03

I am most looking for meeting Chris Vafiadis and Mark Hall in person!  Also would be great to enable folks to take certification tests and perhaps have some masterclasses on various new products.

Mar 25, 2022 20:55

Looking for more hands on and best practices in CMS world.

Edited, May 09, 2022 20:05

Looking forward to seeing old friends! Also, hoping for info to ease the pain of switching to Opti12 and Commerce 14!

May 25, 2022 15:45

Don't forget to save the date! Can't wait to see you all on October 3-5 at San Diego!

Love the feedback so far, keep them coming!

May 25, 2022 15:46
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