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Optimizely takes pride in its community and the amazing contributions our partners and customers make. The Optimizely Most Valuable Professionals (Optimizely MVP) program is our way of featuring and saying 'thank you' to our most active mentors who lead the way for all other community members by providing copious amounts of help, inspiration and knowledge in a manner that is open, courteous, and professional.

Members of the exclusive Optimizely MVP program have proven their ability to make a difference and to 'be the good you want to see' in the community, and we are happy to recognize them and support them in their efforts.

About the Program

An OMVP (Optimizely Most Valuable Professional) is an individual who contributes their knowledge and expertise to the technical community here at Optimizely. They are recognized by their level of engagement, creativity, and interactions as mentors within the community. These professionals can be nominated by the community members, or they can apply to become an OMVP. Once nominated, the candidate will be ranked by their contribution levels and will hold the distinct title of OMVP for the term specified for ranking. Ranks/tiers can range from Silver to Platinum within the OMVP program.

Optimizely holds OMVPs in high regard and awards these contributors with exclusive benefits and opportunities internally and externally. As trusted technical professionals, OMVPs gain access to private product information and are trusted as experts in their respective fields. OMVPs can host events, be selected as speakers, and can obtain licenses to further their professional development.



Know someone who should be recognized as an Optimizely MVP?

We are always accepting nominations for future MVPs. If you have someone in mind, yourself included, fill out a form to get considered!


Are you contributing to the community? Are you sharing content and info about Optimizely? Then you might already be ready to be an OMVP!

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Know someone who should be recognized as an OMVP? We are always accepting nominations for future MVPs. If you have someone in mind, fill out a nomination form.

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Last updated: Mar 24, 2022