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Area: Ektron
Applies to versions: 9 and higher

Installing help files locally

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Ektron online help files reside on an Ektron-hosted Web server so that you have the latest Ektron product documentation. If you block your users' workstation access to the Internet, you also block access to the help files and users see an error when they click the help button. To remedy this issue, you can change the firewall to allow access to the internet (and always have the latest information), or install the help files locally with the following steps.

Note: This procedure only applies to Ektron versions 9.00 and higher. For information about installing local versions of help in previous versions, see the Ektron Reference for the version you are using.

1. Download and install the Help folder on your Web server

  1. Click the appropriate link:
  2. Download the file to your Ektron server; typically to the download folder.
  3. Unzip the file in the following default folder: inetpub/wwwroot/yourwebsite/Workarea.  (You can install help to any website folder.)

2. Change your website's web.config file

  1. Edit your website's siteroot/web.config file.
  2. Find ek_helpDomainPrefix.
  3. Change the value to the path of the local Help folder. (If you installed to the Workarea folder, simply remove the path value.)

    For example:

    <add key="ek_helpDomainPrefix" value=""/>

    Note: If you installed help to any other folder, replace the default value with the complete URL to that folder.

To ensure that you have the latest Ektron product documentation, check the modified date on the zip file and update the files if the zip file is newer.

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Last updated: Nov 17, 2016

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