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[NOTICE] - B2B Commerce SDK, Classic CMS support and cloud version number updates 

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B2B Commerce SDK for On-Premises Customers 

We are pleased to announce that a new SDK version for B2B Commerce will be released in January 2022 as version 5.1.0.  

  • Who is Impacted: This SDK release is for customers who have implemented B2B Commerce in an on-premises (on-prem) manner. 
  • Who is Not Impacted: This does not impact B2B Commerce Cloud customers. 

This SDK release includes the newer React-based CMS and storefront pages for B2B Commerce (i.e., Spire), which on-prem customers can leverage for creating new additional sites or for moving existing Classic sites to the latest technology. Please note that there is development effort required to take an existing Classic website to Spire: the project(s) will require a front-end rewrite as the underlying technologies are fundamentally different (i.e., Angular to React). 

This SDK will also contain all other features added into B2B Commerce Cloud since the v4.6.1 (e.g. 3rd-party search support, native search improvements, etc.). We will have further information, including documentation, that will be proved when this is available in January 2022. 

Classic End of Life/Support Notification 

All customers, regardless of cloud or on-premises implementation, can now take advantage of our Spire CMS & Storefront technology. Because of this, we are officially providing end of life notice for our Classic (i.e. Angular) CMS & Storefront technology. 

  • Who is Impacted: Customers that have a website built on our Classic (i.e., Angular) CMS & Storefront technology. 
  • Who is Not Impacted: Customers that already have their sites on our Spire (i.e., React) CMS & Storefront technology. 

We now have the ability for all existing, Classic-based sites to be implemented on our Spire technology. Our B2B Commerce Cloud customers can implement Spire-based sites on the same instance as their existing Classic-based sites. With the v5.1 SDK release in January 2022, our on-premises customers can also utilize Spire. 

Note: For Cloud customers running Classic sites that want to start creating a Spire site, Optimizely will first need to migrate your instance from our “Pod” infrastructure to our “Container” infrastructure. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to schedule this migration. 

While we understand moving from Classic to Spire will require effort by our customers, we wanted to provide as much notice & support as possible – and continue to add value to your existing sites. The following timeline outlines the three-year end-of-life plan: 

  • 2022 (Year One) – Continue to Add New Features to Classic 
  • We will continue adding new capabilities to both Classic & Spire throughout 2022. This includes adding brand new features and enhancements to existing features. 
  • 2023 & 2024 (Years Two & Three) – Make Bug & Security Fixes to Classic 
  • New features and capabilities will only be added to Spire, but we will address base code bugs & critical security issues in Classic. 
  • January 1, 2025 – End of Life for Classic 
  • This will be the official End of Life for Classic. There will be no base code changes made to Classic after this date. 

B2B Commerce Cloud Release Version Number Updates 

Starting with the January 2022 release, we will be updating the version naming convention to correlate to the year and month of the release. 

  • Who is Impacted: All B2B Commerce Cloud customers. 

Each monthly Cloud release will continue with a similar pattern as today, but the third set of digits will be updated to a YYMM format. That means the January 2022 release will be v5.1.2201.xxxx (22 for 2022 + 01 for January), the February 2022 release will be v5.1.2202 and so on. 

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Last updated: Jan 10, 2022

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