Published on:Apr 14, 2010
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Symbols for EPiServer CMS 6 available

As from yesterday pdb files for EPiServer 6 are available at To configure symbols for debugging in your visual studio follow these steps:

  • Open Visual Studio –> tools –> options –> debugging –> symbols
  • Click on the folder symbol and add
  • Add the local folder where pdbs will be cached(ex. c:\symbols)


  • To check that symbols have been loaded, when debugging, open Debug –> Windows –> Modules and find EPiServer assemblies and check status, it should look as following.


Besides EPiServer CMS 6 you can also find symbols for EPiServer CMS 5 R2, EPiServer CMS 5 R2 SP1 and EPiServer CMS 5 R2 SP2.

You can read more on setting up symbols in this article by Jonas

Happy programming and of course your feedback is very welcome.

Apr 14, 2010

( 9/21/2010 10:33:16 AM)

Great work.

Frederik Vig
( By Frederik Vig, 9/21/2010 10:33:16 AM)

Great! Was just about to ask :). Do you also have the XML files with the documentation for the EPiServer CMS assemblies available?

Hans Gunnar Hansen
( By Hans Gunnar Hansen, 12/4/2010 11:08:06 AM)

I get a "403 - Forbidden: Access is denied" when trying to the symbols-url above. Is it not accessible for everyone?

jason aughton
( By jason aughton, 3/18/2011 10:21:29 AM)

The current symbols are for 6.0.318.113, any chance of getting them updated to 6.0.530.1 please?

Mads Storm Hansen
( By Mads Storm Hansen, 4/20/2011 11:45:10 AM)

Still "403 - Forbidden: Access is denied."

Was this project "forgotten" ?

Lars Lykke
( By Lars Lykke, 4/17/2015 11:26:49 AM)

I'm missing episerver.scheduler.pdb
The symbol link
only says ACCESS DENIED ???

Using EPiServer 6 R2, which is giving me a lot of trouble...

and when editing this post, it resaves the post as HTML ?!?!?!?
If this shows how much we can count on EPiServer, I will advice my company to change CMS ASAP... this is hopeless...

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