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DemoConnector.Services namespace

Version InfoThis topic applies to Episerver.ConnectForMarketingAutomation 4.0.0 and lower. For later versions, see Sample Connector - IMarketingConnector

The DemoConnector.Service namespace has the following classes:

  • AuthenticationService.  Not directly used by the MAI framework, however the ProviderServices interface requires it. 
  • ListService.  Reference IListService implementation that manages a single IDataList for MAI integration. 
  • ProfileService.  Interface for working with Profiles 
  • ProgramService.  Interface for working with provider programs. 
  • Provider.  This is the main interface that the Marketing Automation Interface (MAI) plugin uses to load the connector. During the intitialize process of MAI the Service locator is used to load the connector. You can install and have only one connector in the solution with the MAI framework.  
  •   Provider.FormData.  Temporary static cache to hold form data from the process function. 
  • ProviderServices.  The main interface that provides the service implementations to the MAI framework. In a nutshell, any interface that you do not want to support must have an implementation however every method can simply throw NotImplementedException. 
  • ScoringService.  Interface for working with provider scoring. 

Last updated: Dec 10, 2015