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  • Posted on: Sep 14, 2022

    EPiServer.CMS 12.11.0 introduces a new property type LinkItem . This feature has been one of the most requested features for a long time. The feature is very simple: it is to allow the editor to choose a single LinkItem.  After clicking the `Add...

  • Posted on: Sep 02, 2022

    Its now easy to create applications with strongly typed CMS content, using any language of you choice, and host it anywhere you like. You can try out an example account we have created using the following tutorial: https://docs.developers.optimize...

  • Posted on: Aug 24, 2022

    Hi everyone, Recently, we got many questions regarding How to integrate the TinyMCE external cloud plugin (SpellCheckerPro for instance) with EPiServer CMS and EPiServer.CMS.TinyMCE add-on. Did you try that before? And got a headache with kind of...

  • Posted on: Aug 23, 2022

    Accessibility IS good for business! I am proud that the European Union chose Optimizely as the only CMS to make accessible CMS page- and block templates for. Use and adapt the free code to help your customers create accessible sites. Accessible...

  • Posted on: Aug 12, 2022

    1. Accessible Help Text What A clickable help icon displays next to a property that has associated help text. You also can hover over the help icon. The help text can contain hyperlinks. You can dismiss the help text by clicking X or clicking...

  • Posted on: Jul 05, 2022

    Hello everyone! We are very excited to announce that CMS 12  users can now access, upload and utilise their assets from Welcome’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) Library. Giving users direct access to the DAM as they create content will give teams ...

  • Posted on: Jul 04, 2022

    Although headless  Content Management Systems have been around for a number of years, many solutions focus purely on how content is retrieved, and leave content creators and editors with difficult to use, unintuitive editorial interfaces. Content...

  • Posted on: Jun 16, 2022

    We aim to unify and make a seamless user experience across all Optimizely products. This change will make our products more predictable, easy to use, and accessible. T herefor the CMS in Content Cloud has, over the last few versions (starting with...

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