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  • Posted on: Sep 22, 2023

    Having been at Optimizely and in the CMS industry for nearly 16 years I have seen clients’ intranet requirements go from a simple site just to house information that is easily accessible by employees, to a social media site that is the single hub ...

  • Posted on: Sep 20, 2023

    Introduction A potential security vulnerability was detected for Optimizely Google Analytics addon (including EPiServer.GoogleAnalytics and EPiServer.GoogleAnalytics.Commerce ), with list of affected versions below. Optimizely websites based on CM...

  • Posted on: Aug 20, 2023

    Reminder: Welcome to our free business user webinars We are thrilled to announce our highly anticipated Work Smarter Webinar Series, designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to optimize the potential of Optimizely products! Mark your...

  • Posted on: Aug 17, 2023

    Motivation As of today, EPiServer.CMS.Core relies on SixLabors ImageSharp v2 to do image manipulations under the hood. There have been quite a few WEBP issues being raised lately, which have their root in this library. In order to fix them, we nee...

  • Posted on: Aug 16, 2023

    Introduction A potential security vulnerability was detected for Optimizely CMS that could affect CMS 11 installations before v11.37.1 and CMS 12 installations before v12.16.0.   In a CMS 11 installation where request validation has been disabled,...

  • Posted on: Jul 24, 2023

    WARNING: This post is no longer up to date because from CMS UI 12.23.3 inline blocks are no longer enabled by default. They have to be turned on manually, more details here:

  • Posted on: Jun 29, 2023

    With the release of the 12.22.0 Optimizely CMS UI packages, the menu system has been redesigned and relocated to the left hand side as a result of a company initiative. Whilst relocating this menu, it has been give a more modernised look and feel,...

  • Posted on: Jun 20, 2023

    WARNING: This post has been updated after releasing version CMS UI 12.23.3 Inline blocks are not enabled by default. Please scroll down to "How to enable this feature" Introduction EPiServer's most powerful property type ContentArea  supports a...

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