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  • Posted on: Jul 10, 2024

    As you might know Optimizely has an integration where you can create and edit pages in the CMS directly from the CMP. One of the benefits of this is that the marketing team can use the nice workflows in CMP for both the creation and approval proce...

  • Posted on: Apr 12, 2024

    Learn more about Content Recommendations, with Optimizely’s very own Senior Solutions consultant, Aidan Swain . He will discuss best practices and common pitfalls, as well as give ideas and inspiration as to why personalization is so important!...

  • Posted on: Mar 19, 2024

    In EPiServer.CMS.UI 12.28.0 , an improvement for restriction information is added. Previously the restriction information takes quite a lot of space, especially for big sites with a long list of restricted types. This new improvement reduces the...

  • Posted on: Mar 06, 2024

    Visual Studio Code Metrics- that won't show up. At Optimizely Expert Services, we are often times asked to do code reviews and assessments of customer solutions and these typically involve using static code analysers and reading code bases. One go...

  • Posted on: Mar 01, 2024

    Forms is used on the vast majority of CMS installations. But using Forms in a headless setup is a bit of pain since the rendering pipeline is based on ASP.NET MVC. We do have an extension to our Content Delivery API that includes the generated for...

  • Posted on: Feb 02, 2024

    EPiServer has a very powerful validation engine which is easily pluggable with custom validation rules. I've been asked by a colleague to write a validation rule which would prevent a page from being published if it referenced an unpublished...

  • Posted on: Dec 12, 2023

    In CMS UI 12.26.0 , a new feature is made to support creating media content types, similar to how users can create page types and block types. Users will need to specify which media type they want to create and which media extensions the content...

  • Posted on: Nov 30, 2023

    Too many times, a content management system becomes a people management system. Meaning, an organization uses the CMS to manage all the information about the people that consume the content -- users, members, customers, etc. I think this happened...

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