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Jul 29, 2010
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I was on your website the other day and no one called me

I was on your website the other day and no one called me.    This may sound perplexing, but wouldn’t it be nice if a prospect were to visit your website and you immediately knew about it?  


Those in sales know the earlier you engage with a prospect, the greater the chance of success.   So, wouldn’t it be nice if when someone browsed your site you knew they were there, what they looked at, and could automatically pass the information along to the appropriate sales team?


I recently met with a customer who laughed at the suggestion initially…. What do you mean why haven’t I called yet?   Did you enter a request for information?   I said I hadn’t, but went on to explain that we viewed what pages she had visited when she was on our site and that is how we knew she was in the market for our platforms even though she had not yet reached out to us.   That is when her demeanor changed from bemusement to keen interest.  


Like most marketing professionals, she had been investigating how she could incorporate some social networking aspects to their site, heard we had a good platform to do that, and thus hit our website to do some digging.   People aren’t likely to enter contact information through a web form at this early fact gathering stage (this was the case with her as well), so such information must be discerned anonymously.    Fortunately we drink our own champagne - utilizing our own Marketing Arena solutions which provide the capabilities to understand who is looking at what on your site in real time, adapt the content to deliver the most appropriate message, and transform an anonymous visit into a lead within our system.   Naturally, soon after she visited our site our sales team was alerted and we were able to open a dialogue extremely early in her investigation.  (More importantly from our perspective, early in the sales cycle).  


Now, in addition to our community building platform, she is investigating the very Marketing Arena tools that helped us engage with her… hoping we can not only increase their site’s social capabilities, but also improve lead automation.  Like us, she wants to convert website visits into opportunities too.    So, a simple anonymous visit to our site to gather basic information quickly turned into a sales dialogue and revenue opportunity.  I love it when a plan comes together.

Jul 29, 2010


Jan 13, 2013 11:30 AM


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