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Updated: Defining page and block types in EPiServer 7

When I first wrote my blog series about defining page types and block types in code in EPiServer 7 it was based on EPiServer 7 Preview. Quite a lot changed between the preview and final versions, so it is time for me to update the posts to the final version of EPiServer 7 CMS.


The following blog posts have now been updated:

How to define properties in EPiServer 7 - A quick reference

How to define Page Types in EPiServer 7 CMS - A quick reference

How to create a Page Type in code for EPiServer CMS 7

How to create a simple Block Type in EPiServer CMS 7


The online SDK

Also check out the EPiServer online SDK which is full of useful and up to date stuff, but sadly it is currently not searchable.

Jan 15, 2013

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